Break from Blogging

Hello all!  We just wanted to write and let you know that we are going to take a break from blogging here.  Things at Kate Funk have gotten a bit crazy and keeping up with the blog has become a bit of a much.  For updates you can check out our Facebook page instead.
Thanks so much!
AC and Kate Funk


NSS Wall Construction Part 3

So Kate returned home today from the last trip to her Dad's workshop to finish up her wall for the National Stationery Show.  She brought a couple of photos she snapped with her phone to show me their final preparations before the crate took off for New York City where it will await her in her booth.  So exciting!

Painting the walls.

The crate stencil.

Kate's Dad cut some sheet metal for her magnet boards using one of her Great Grandpa's original tools.  Made in Milwaukee.  Super awesome.

Packing up the crate.

The crate awaiting the semi to pick it up.


More Updating - Santa Claus

So we shot our last redo photo this morning for the big NSS show coming up in less than a month.  This time: AC is Santa Claus.  Kate always liked the idea of this photo, but the first time through I wasn't really pumped about posing inside a chimney and didn't do that awesome of a job.  This time she made sure to make my chimney only have 3 walls so I didn't feel as uncomfortable.  And she did some updating to the background as well.  All in all I think it's another successful improvement.
And with that I have been rewarded with some much needed time off!  There are no plans for any more shoots in the near future as we got everything we wanted accomplished for NSS.  Hurrah!


More Updating - AC at the North Pole

This morning Kate and I shot another redo of one of our original photographs in preparation for NSS: AC at the North Pole.  This was another of the very first photos we ever took way back when Kate just used a crummy point-and-shoot digital camera.  I have to say the redo is a big improvement - other than my modeling skillz.  Those have always been awesome.


NSS Wall Construction Part 2

Kate returned from her Dad's workshop tonight with exciting news - they finished making her NSS wall!  Or at least the base of it.  They still need to paint it and put all the attachments on and whatnot.  But at least the woodworking part is finished.  Check out the photos she brought back to show me:

Clamping down the frame backs.

Putting hinges on the backs between the top and bottom panels.

One finished panel.


And three.

And four.  Hurrah!


iPhone Cases by Griffin

Big news!
Kate Funk has joined forces with Griffin who will now be offering iPhone cases with her designs on them as part of their new Designer Series.  They are currently offering all 8 designs pictured below in both iPhone 4s and 5 sizes.  Go check it out here!