iPhone Cases!

Heya everybody.  Super exciting news!  As of today my beautiful mug will now be gracing iPhone cases.  For now we only have this one with the photograph of myself dressed up as the Wolfman for the iPhone 5, but there will be more to come soon.  You can also custom order one if there's another design you'd like to see.  Just contact Kate at katefunk@katefunk.com or convo her through Etsy for more info.


Cleaning House

Heya everybody!
So there are some changes going on around here at Kate Funk headquarters.  On the top of the list is that Kate has decided to clean house and get rid of some of the older designs from when we first started out.  She told me that it isn't that my modeling skillz weren't super amazing (cause we all know they are), but that now that the sets and costumes are getting better after so much practice she doesn't like the look of these cards anymore.  So if you want to get any of them before they are gone make sure to find them on her Etsy site or visit her at any of her upcoming shows (check out the list on the left side of the page).  There's a limited supply of each left.
Later gators!


California Bound

So Kate got some really, really great news yesterday.  It looks like we were accepted into both the Los Angeles and San Francisco Renegade Holiday fairs this year (And Chicago, too)!  She's never been to either city before and is super, super pumped - and feeling a bit overwhelmed trying to figure out how to get her whole booth setup into 2 pieces of luggage.  And as an extra plus - she has friends in both cities that she'll get to visit while there!  I guess I'll just stay here and hold down the fort.  Lame.