kate funk on studio wisco!

mister brennan sylvester informed me of this awesome blog, studio wisco, which just so happens to have one of kate funk's cards featured on it yesterday.  awesome!  too bad it wasn't a photo of me.  whatever.  it's cool.  i'll live.  check it out here.
and if you want to see a sneak peak from the 2010 cat calendar featuring myself you should check it out on brennan's blog here.


new store!

great news everybody - kate funk is going to have her stuff at another store!  as soon as she can finish printing everything they ordered she'll be mailing it all off to the Young Blood Gallery and Boutique in Atlanta, GA.  (i saw her packing up some pretty sweet stuff of myself in the box.)  so if you live in the area you should check it out!  and if not you can check out their website at www.youngbloodgallery.com.


new outfit!

so miss kate funk returned from appleton this weekend with this ridiculous new costume for me that she found at an antique mall.  
not cool.


happy america day!

hey everyone!  
hope you enjoy your america day celebrations today.
i, on the other hand, will be spending the night hiding under the couch.