East Town Market - take two

so miss kate funk returned from the East Town Market this rainy afternoon with lots of photos to show me this time! it seems she had an awesome helper come along with her this time (her very-soon-to-be-mother-in-law, Priscilla) which gave her a chance to walk around and visit the other booths this time. here's a photo of her booth through the wave machine she got to sit and watch all day:

and here's a photo of my brand new harry potter scarf she worked on knitting while she was there (thanks to a suggestion from an awesome customer, Dana):

and at the end of the day Priscilla was nice enough to buy passes for the two of them to walk through the museum! i'm super jealous. i hear there are lots of fishes there i could eat. here's some photos kate took of the awesome displays:



just wanted to let all you Pennsylvania peoples know that our stuff is now available at Wildcard in Pittsburgh! here's some awesome photos that we took off their facebook page. if you live in the area make sure to check it out, yo. it looks pretty awesome.


Father's Day card. Finally.

so miss kate funk and I finally finished the Father's Day Card and put it up on her etsy site today! despite her continual attempts to put her handmade moustache on me, it was a no-go. she seems a little upset about it, but whatever.
We don't have the color envelope from waste not that we wanted for it right now, so until we get an order of those we're using a different brand so we can still get the color we wanted. it's almost the same, just with a square instead of pointed flap. hopefully we'll get some soon, but this one works great for now.

kate will be bringing a bunch of them to the East Town Market on Saturday - so you can check them out there.
later peoples!


doing anything this weekend?

come check out kate funk's booth at the East Town Market!


we've gone international!

oh. my. goodness!
miss kate funk just returned from the post office where she mailed an order to our first international store: Found! they contacted her yesterday asking to carry her stuff and it's already packaged and on it's way overseas. so exciting!!!!!!
here's some photos they sent us from the store showing just how awesome it is:


Vain Magazine

so this post, sadly, has nothing to do with me. but miss kate funk asked me to let you all know about it anyways. her photographs are being featured in the current issue of Vain Magazine (her non-cat photographs that is. whatever.) alongside many other awesome artists and writers. If you want to check it out you can find copies at these locations or you can order directly from them here.



so miss kate funk has added another store to her growing list: Magpie! It's in Somerville, Massachusetts (so sadly we may not get a chance to visit anytime soon). But if you live in the area make sure to check it out. It looks super cute from what we can see on the website. kate is on her way to the UPS store right now, so hopefully our stuff should reach them safe and sound very soon.
in other news - my eye is slowly healing. i'm done with the medicine, but now i need to wait for the scar to go away. hopefully by this week we can start taking photos again.
later gators!


a day at the vet. blech...

so today was AWFUL! miss kate funk woke up super bright and early to take me to the vet (despite my clever attempts to hide under the couch). it's my least favorite place on the earth. and it turns out that i have an eye infection. lame. so i'll be spending the next week taking it easy on the couch. not that i don't normally take it easy - but there'll be no modeling for me this week. the father's day photo shoot will have to be put off for now. i'll let you all know when i'm feeling better.
later gators!


i like you!

attention all you twin cities peoples!
guess what? you can now purchase some of miss kate funk's things at the wonderful i like you in Minneapolis, MN! she just finished packing up their first order a few minutes ago and will be mailing it off first thing in the morning. although she's never visited yet, she's heard so many wonderful things about the store from a few of her close friends who live there. it seems they have astro-turf carpeting and a swing in the store - amazing! so go check it out if you live there. i know kate will next time she's visiting.