New Cards in Shop

Heya!  So a lot of people have been asking for the version of the Catzilla photo from this year's calendar in card format.  We finally decided to print it up and here it is.  We also put the redone version of Bon Voyage up today.  You can find that one here.  Enjoy!


More Updating - Bon Voyage

So this morning Kate and I decided it was time to redo another of our original photographs in preparation for NSS: Bon Voyage.  This was one of the very first photos we ever took back in 2008 when all we had was a tiny point-and-shoot camera with an on-camera flash.  I think the redo was a big improvement while still sticking to the same idea.  Check it out:

Hopefully we'll have the new card available to purchase soon in Kate Funk's Etsy shop.