Heya everybody!
So upon waking up today and discovering it was a wonderfully sunny day we decided that we needed to shoot out next calendar photo: Dracula!  (We don't have fancy schmancy lighting other than a flash - so we kinda rely on sunny days for our shoots.)
Below is Kate's favorite photo from the shoot.  It's not the final photo that she's going to use since I was in super slouch mode and almost dropped out of the frame - but I nailed the expression.

Now onto the Loch Ness Monster.  I'm interested to see how she thinks she's gonna pull this off.  Cause let me tell you this: if she thinks she is putting me in water she is sorely mistaken.


Lazy Sunday Crafternoon

Heya everybody!
So yesterday was a super awesome day.  Kate had some of her friends over for their monthly crafternoon.  I love it!  There's so many things everyone is working on and it's a perfect opportunity for me to get all up in peoples' bizness and play with their craft supplies.  So while I was doing that Kate actually got a lot of things done for our upcoming shoots.  She finished up my Dracula cape (which she repurposed around a cat tuxedo she had bought from Snoop Catty Cat awhile back).

She also finished my Dracula castle.

So hopefully we'll be able to shoot the Dracula photo this week.  Right now we're just waiting for the background paint to dry and then we should be all good to go.
Since she finished all of that up early she moved onto my Loch Ness Monster costume.  It didn't quite turn out right (that's what she gets for not having a pattern and just winging it).  But now that she knows what went wrong the second try should turn out a lot better.  And I got to keep the mistakes as an awesome Loch Ness Monster blanket to lay on.  Perfect.


20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

We tried shooting the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea photo today where I play the giant squid.  It was a bit of a disaster.  Kate wouldn't let me play with the hanging fishies and my costume kept knocking everything over.  But after a lot of tries and me storming off the set a couple of times (pictured above) we got the shot.
Next up ... Dracula!