spring 2010 wholesale catalog up on website!

heya peoples!
so i know it's a little early, but kate funk's had a lot of time off over christmas break so she went ahead and put together the next edition of her wholesale catalog. you can check it out on her website under the wholesale info link.
that's all. back to napping in my awesome new jungle gym.


check out my christmas loot...

hey peoples -
check out this super sweet jungle gym kate funk's fiance, jay, got for me for christmas. i love it! and despite the rude remarks from him that it wouldn't support my weight i will have you know i fit on it perfectly fine.
also i have big news! mister brennan sylvester - the designer of our awesome cat calendars and invitations has his own etsy shop set up finally! check it out here. he makes some pretty rad things. i even heard rumors of a cat sized fanny pack possibly in the future. amazing!


new polaroid boxes

in case you were not aware, miss kate funk does carry another line of cards that don't use photos of myself. (i'm not sure why, though). they're of photos she's taken with her sx-70 Polaroid camera. she carries boxed sets of these as well that up until now came in these neat kraft colored boxes that had image transfers on them and were wrapped in ribbon. as much as she loves these boxes and would like to continue carrying them, she had to make the switch this week to a new format. they now come in the same box type that all of MY cards already come in.
so she wants me to explain to everyone why this has happened.
it seems kate is allergic to a huge list of items (although strangely enough not to cats) and the chemicals she used to transfer the images on these boxes has always bothered her. originally it wasn't such a huge deal since she would only make one or two, but now that it's gotten to be more it's become a problem. and with it being winter it's even worse because she can't take them outside to work on. so she wanted me to show everyone what the new versions look like.
that's all.
the next post better go back to being about me.



sale calendars up on etsy

so miss kate funk just finished putting up the half off sale calendars on her etsy site. they're mostly like the 2010 World's Most Super-Amazing 100% Awesome Cat Calendar, but with some awesome binding errors from our printers. they gave us a huge amount of these little beauties and when we tried to return them for some good copies, they just gave us more! so we're trying to recover the cost we had to pay for them by offering everyone the option of a half off calendar as long as you're ok with a few stapling errors. (especially since we only have 3 good calendars left for sale). you can read all about them here.


best craft fair yet!

hey peoples!
so miss kate funk returned late sunday night from the Holiday Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago and told me all about the amazing-ness i missed. she shared her booth this year with the awesome mister brennan sylvester who brought along his new, amazing duct tape bags. watch for his etsy site which should be going up soon! you can see photos of them above as well as a photo of their booth. it looks so super cramped in there with so many great artists selling their things. kate came back with some cool greeting cards she bought which you can see above, too. they are made by (from left to right):
McBitterson's Happy Birthday Jesus card
Johnny Cash card by A Favorite Design
an awesome Snowman Christmas card by the Busy Beaver Button Co.
she also told me about how at every craft fair she goes to everyone likes to tell her the names of their cats that look exactly like me, and this time she heard the best one yet: Mr. Meowminson. finally another cat with an awesome, ridiculous name like myself!
lastly, sales were so amazing at the fair that she only has 5 of the 2010 World's Most Super-Amazing 100% Awesome Cat Calendar left! so if you want a copy - i'd hurry. all 5 are up on her etsy site. there are still some bad mistake calendars left, too. (the printers gave us a whole lot of badly assembled calendars. we won't be printing with them again next year). those will be up on etsy soon, too, for half price. but they aren't quite so amazing. more like 80% awesome.
later yo.


new cards and super awesome iphone cover

hey everybody!
so miss kate funk FINALLY got around to putting up all my new cards on her etsy shop. check them out here. i'm pretty pumped about them.
also i wanted to tell you about her awesome new iphone cover she got. it looks just like me! it was made special for her by the awesome elizabeth at vintage coquette. make sure to check out her shop, too.
later yo.


Renegade Craft Fair Holiday Sale!

Hey everybody!
if you are in the Chicago-land area you should make sure to visit kate funk at the Renegade Craft Fair Holiday Sale on December 5th and 6th! she'll be in booth #53 on the main floor. and she'll be bringing 3 brand new cards with her - the one of me in space, my mug shot, and a brand new christmas card she just finished. they should be up on etsy any day now. that's my bad. i kinda sucked it up at the last photo shoot. but it's done now and the cards are being printed as we speak. stay tuned to see those...
also if you are hoping to get a copy of the 2010 World's Most Super-Amazing 100% Awesome Cat Calendar you better hurry. they went way faster than planned. we shoulda printed more. there's under 50 copies left, and after Renegade there are sure to be far less, if any.
later yo.



just kidding. i didn't actually go to jail. (although i have been getting into lots of trouble lately for punching that dog i live with in the face). kate funk just took a pretend mug shot of me inspired by the awesome people at the FOUND. We both met Albert last weekend at the Broadway Paper Open House, where he gave us the idea.
both this card and the awesome one of me in space should be up in kate funk's etsy site soon.


Broadway Paper Holiday Open House Photos!

hey peoples -
so the broadway paper holiday open house was awesome! i had a great time there. here's some photos from my short visit1 - me checking out the front desk with one of broadway paper's awesome employees, courtney
2 - miss kate funk trying to calm me down. there was a dog there. i don't like dogs.
3 - our photo from the photobooth by celebrations entertainment. that's mister brennan groh on my left.
4 - shopping for some journals
5 - takin' a break on kate funk's display table
6 - me and kate with mister albert from the found. he was awesome.
7 - some awesome coasters kate funk got from the found.
8 - some even awesome-er greeting cards kate funk got from them.

stay tuned to see a new card kate funk will be making with me inspired by the awesome people of the found!


what to wear...

kate funk and i decided to check out my closet today to see what i should wear this weekend to the Broadway Paper Holiday Open House. I didn't realize how much clothes i have! they don't even fit in the 3 plastic tubs kate funk bought for me anymore. it's time for another tub. so we counted and i have:
22 hats
2 wigs
15 outfits
2 wings
8 accesories
ridiculous. no cat needs this much clothes.
you'll have to show up saturday at Broadway Paper to see what i ended up picking.
see you there!


greetings earthlings

kate funk and i did a photo shoot today of me in space! it was awesome. i think i make an excellent martian, don't you? and i discovered while kate wasn't paying attention that glitter glue stars taste delicious. she did eventually notice and make me stop licking them, though. jerk.
too bad kate's printer is in the shop being repaired. cause i can't wait for her to get this photo printed and out on some cards. it probably won't be ready in time for the Broadway Paper Holiday Open House, but it should be able to make it's debut at the Holiday Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago.
i also want to give an extra special thanks to kate's brother, scott, and his girlfriend, alex, for coming up with the idea for this photo. they rule.
later yo.

Broadway Paper Holiday Open House!

hey everybody!
so here's the information promised about my live appearance at Broadway Paper next weekend. miss kate funk will be at Broadway Paper on November 14th from 9 to 5 with all of her cards and the 2010 World's Most Super-Amazing 100% Awesome Cat Calendar. i, sadly, will not be there all day with her but will be making an appearance at 1:00 pm if you'd like to come out and meet me. you can find out more information about it here.
hope to see you there!


female art collective

hey peoples -
more great news! miss kate funk has been asked to take part in the female art collective! they are an online boutique that also hosts live music and art events 3 or 4 times a month in their community. they also plan on launching a store front in Louisville, KY in the near future. make sure to check them out. hopefully our stuff will be up on their website soon!
in other news - kate funk just finished re-doing her website today. you should check that out, too. it's not 100% done yet, but should be soon. and you'll notice that there's a photo of me on the main page looking very dapper in my all time favorite outfit. awesome.


the day after...

i hate the day after halloween. miss kate funk always returns from target with a million clearance outfits for me. and then she wants me to put on a fashion show for her. not cool.


BIG news!

hey everybody!
Kate Strzok, the owner of the lovely Broadway Paper in Milwaukee's Historic Third Ward, has invited me to make an appearance at their holiday open house event on November 14th! i'm not sure exactly what this will entail yet, but as soon as i get more details i'll let everyone know. this will be my first live appearance since my modeling career has taken off. i'm so excited!
now to decide what to wear...


store number five!

so miss kate funk told me that she was recently contacted by a new store, city bird, that's opening up in detroit, michigan later this month to carry her stuff! it's the first store to seek her out instead of her contacting them. so that super rules.
if you live in the detroit area you should be sure to check it out. you can also check out their blog to get more information.
ok - back to napping.


kitten mittens

so one of miss kate funk's favorite tv shows is It's Always Sunny in Philadephia. she showed me this awful ad for an upcoming episode. she seems to think it's hilarious, although it obviously isn't. you can decide for yourself.

Renegade Craft Fair!!!!!!! again!!!!!!

so kate funk just told me that she got into the Renegade Craft Fair Holiday Sale in Chicago. It's on December 5th and 6th from 11 am - 7 pm at the Pulaski Park Fieldhouse. So all you peoples who asked her about the 2010 World's Most Super-Amazing 100% Awesome Cat Calendar at the last fair are in luck! My beautiful modeling skills will be available for all to purchase there.
later, yo.


another awesome blog.

check out this awesome blog kate funk found late last night. it's called commas and clauses and they had some awesome things to say about kate funk and me. thanks yo!!!



i don't feel like doing anything today.


it's here!!!!

finally, after months and months of hard work by myself, miss kate funk, and designer-extraordinaire brennan groh the 2010 world's most super-amazing 100% awesome cat calendar is here!!!!
kate funk picked them up from printers this morning and has been hard at work packaging, delivering, and mailing them out to stores ever since. you can find them at her etsy shop.
now onto 2011....


gettin' some more lovin'

i just wanted to throw another thank you out to Diana of Pravina Studio for her awesome blog post about miss kate funk and myself today on her blog Heartland.  you can check it out here.  
you should also check out her etsy shop if you're in the market for some super awesome bags.  too bad i can't carry a purse.  kate funk, on the other hand, can and is super in love with this one.


i must own this!!!!!!

check out these awesome new cat play houses! my favorite is the tank.  you can check out more info about them here.  christmas is coming up soon you know (hint, hint kate funk).


Renegade Craft Fair!!!!!!!

miss kate funk returned late last night from the Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago with lots of awesome news and gifts (mostly for her, though).  
clockwise from top left:
1 - awesome thank you card from cracked designs for her mom who was her booth helper at the fair
2 - delicious smelling soaps from oliba
3 - super cool necklace (which kate keeps taking away from me while i'm trying to eat it) from lusterbunny
4 - and the best of all, a new toy for me from kate funk's booth neighbor, purrfectplay!  it's my new favorite.

she also brought lots of compliments for me from all my fans.  i heard they were even asking for me to make a guest appearance!

the only bad news that kate funk did tell me about was that one customer (who is now the second) got upset with kate funk after she asked for my name and kate told her.  i guess "annoying customer" can cause some confusion and the lady walked away all huffy thinking she had been insulted and made kate funk feel awful.  when she got me as a kitten my modeling skills were yet to be discovered and my name wasn't such an issue.  but it seems to be causing problems now that i'm such a famous dude.  so kate and i have made an executive decision that as of today my name on anything outside of our home will now be ac rather than annoying customer to keep from anymore confusion and insulted customers.  i'm a little sad.


only 2 more days...

until i get to nap in peace and quiet again.  miss kate funk has been hard at work getting ready for the Renegade Craft Fair this weekend.  her printer has been going non-stop since she found out she got in the fair making her office/my bedroom a noisy place.  you should go check her out (booth #10).  i, on the other hand, will be spending the whole weekend sleeping in beautiful silence.


thank you!

i just wanted to throw out a thank you to paper pastries for the kind words on their blog about myself and miss kate funk.  you can check it out here.


kate funk fall 2009 wholesale catalog

check it out everybody!
kate funk's fall 2009 wholesale catalog is up on her website under the information page.  check it out.  there's lots of photos of me in it.  cause i rule.


#1 wins by a landslide!

between here on the blog and brennan's facebook voting it seems #1 has won by a landslide!  15 to 3.  thanks to everyone for voting.  #1 will be included in the 2010 World's Most Awesome Cat Calendar.  It should be coming out soon.  all the photos are taken and brennan is finishing up the design as we speak.  then it's just off to the printers.  hurrah!


we need your help!

so today we officially took the last photo for the 2010 world's most amazing 100% awesome cat calendar.  hurrah!  the only problem is we can't decide which one to use.  2 people (one of which is kate funk) voted for one of them and another 2 people (one of which is designer extraodinaire, brennan groh) voted for the other one.  as for me, i think i look fabulous no matter what.  so i'm no help in deciding.  
so we need your help.  please let us know which one you like better.  #1, where i look super cool with my shades or #2, where i am in my normal, but awesome, pissy pose.


new terrifying roomate

meet Beta 3.5.
he moved into our house yesterday.  not a fan.
i've taken a few quick, very cautious looks at him now.  (most of them while i hung to miss kate funk for dear life.)


man, i got so wasted last night....

I was down by the frat house chasing some tail...
just kidding.  i was trying to stay in character from the latest photo shoot with kate funk.  it's her new card for going back to school (the college edition).  it just went up on her etsy site, along with the more PG version of me going back to kittygarten.  
there's also some new halloween cards that went up, although that's not for awhile yet.  I can't wait.  it's my favorite holiday.  being a black cat and all.  
check them out.
later peoples.


renegade craft fair!

kate funk is going to be at the Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago this year! which means awesome photographs of myself will be there as well! It's on September 12 and 13 from 11am-7pm. you can get more info here. if you live in the Chicago area you should for sure come and check it out.


kate funk on studio wisco!

mister brennan sylvester informed me of this awesome blog, studio wisco, which just so happens to have one of kate funk's cards featured on it yesterday.  awesome!  too bad it wasn't a photo of me.  whatever.  it's cool.  i'll live.  check it out here.
and if you want to see a sneak peak from the 2010 cat calendar featuring myself you should check it out on brennan's blog here.


new store!

great news everybody - kate funk is going to have her stuff at another store!  as soon as she can finish printing everything they ordered she'll be mailing it all off to the Young Blood Gallery and Boutique in Atlanta, GA.  (i saw her packing up some pretty sweet stuff of myself in the box.)  so if you live in the area you should check it out!  and if not you can check out their website at www.youngbloodgallery.com.


new outfit!

so miss kate funk returned from appleton this weekend with this ridiculous new costume for me that she found at an antique mall.  
not cool.


happy america day!

hey everyone!  
hope you enjoy your america day celebrations today.
i, on the other hand, will be spending the night hiding under the couch.


Summer Sale!

hey everybody,
so in the spirit of this hot, summer weather kate funk decided to put all of the invitations on her etsy website (which include photos of myself, of course) on sale!  the new, temporary price is $13 for a pack of 10.  
now you can have the party of your dreams with myself included.  check it out!


sorry i've been away

i realized the other day that it's been forever since i've written anything.  kate funk left me for a whole week to go shoot some videos in texas and then spent the last week outside everyday trying to redo the yard and plant her new garden.  so i've spent the last week staring out the window and crying for her to come inside and play.  but she's done now and it's back to work for us.  only 3 photos left to shoot for the 2010 cat calendar!  i can't wait.  any ideas for january or september anyone?


happy birthday to me!

it's my birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i'm 3 today and we all know what that means.  i can legally drink now!  which is awesome since today is also cinco de mayo.  time for some coronas, yo.


photos from saint paul art crawl

1 - awesome sign for show labeling kate funk as a cat photographer.  that's right.  people like me better than her polaroids.  i told her to bring more cat stuff and less polaroid cards, but she didn't listen.  
2 and 3 - kate funk's table setup in the studio
4 - awesome painting by scott bergmann (who she shared the space with) that she owns
5 - milford.  the cat she hung out with instead of me while she was there.  jealous.
6 - awesome card by johnny and stacie that kate funk came  back with


St. Paul Art Crawl

hey peoples-
so kate funk will be participating in the Saint Paul Art Crawl this weekend (sadly i cannot come along.  i hate long car rides).  you should come check her stuff out at the Tilsner Artist Co-op in studio #110.  there will be lots of things for sale there that include lovely photos of myself.  
the poster shown here promoting the event was designed by Johnny of johnnyandstacie.  check out their stuff, too.  it rules.  they'll be there also in studio #410.  
later, yo.


vote for me!!!

kate funk was looking at her new martha stewart living magazine last night and noticed a party animal photo contest!  so of course i made her enter me in it.  go to martha stewart's website on the pets page and check out all the entries for the party animal contest (but don't forget to vote for me).
kate funk also showed me that martha's dogs francesca & sharkey have their own blog: The Daily Wag.  i'm not the only pet who blogs!  awesome.  check it out.


spring 2009 wholesale catalog finished!

hey everybody!
so the new kate funk wholesale catalog made by mister brennan groh is finally out, with myself as the star.  kate is currently working on printing real copies, but until then you can check them out at her website: www.katefunk.com on the information page.  
check it out.  later, yo.