new polaroid boxes

in case you were not aware, miss kate funk does carry another line of cards that don't use photos of myself. (i'm not sure why, though). they're of photos she's taken with her sx-70 Polaroid camera. she carries boxed sets of these as well that up until now came in these neat kraft colored boxes that had image transfers on them and were wrapped in ribbon. as much as she loves these boxes and would like to continue carrying them, she had to make the switch this week to a new format. they now come in the same box type that all of MY cards already come in.
so she wants me to explain to everyone why this has happened.
it seems kate is allergic to a huge list of items (although strangely enough not to cats) and the chemicals she used to transfer the images on these boxes has always bothered her. originally it wasn't such a huge deal since she would only make one or two, but now that it's gotten to be more it's become a problem. and with it being winter it's even worse because she can't take them outside to work on. so she wanted me to show everyone what the new versions look like.
that's all.
the next post better go back to being about me.

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  1. i'm happy you went with pool for the label color...my first choice.