new cards and super awesome iphone cover

hey everybody!
so miss kate funk FINALLY got around to putting up all my new cards on her etsy shop. check them out here. i'm pretty pumped about them.
also i wanted to tell you about her awesome new iphone cover she got. it looks just like me! it was made special for her by the awesome elizabeth at vintage coquette. make sure to check out her shop, too.
later yo.


Renegade Craft Fair Holiday Sale!

Hey everybody!
if you are in the Chicago-land area you should make sure to visit kate funk at the Renegade Craft Fair Holiday Sale on December 5th and 6th! she'll be in booth #53 on the main floor. and she'll be bringing 3 brand new cards with her - the one of me in space, my mug shot, and a brand new christmas card she just finished. they should be up on etsy any day now. that's my bad. i kinda sucked it up at the last photo shoot. but it's done now and the cards are being printed as we speak. stay tuned to see those...
also if you are hoping to get a copy of the 2010 World's Most Super-Amazing 100% Awesome Cat Calendar you better hurry. they went way faster than planned. we shoulda printed more. there's under 50 copies left, and after Renegade there are sure to be far less, if any.
later yo.



just kidding. i didn't actually go to jail. (although i have been getting into lots of trouble lately for punching that dog i live with in the face). kate funk just took a pretend mug shot of me inspired by the awesome people at the FOUND. We both met Albert last weekend at the Broadway Paper Open House, where he gave us the idea.
both this card and the awesome one of me in space should be up in kate funk's etsy site soon.


Broadway Paper Holiday Open House Photos!

hey peoples -
so the broadway paper holiday open house was awesome! i had a great time there. here's some photos from my short visit1 - me checking out the front desk with one of broadway paper's awesome employees, courtney
2 - miss kate funk trying to calm me down. there was a dog there. i don't like dogs.
3 - our photo from the photobooth by celebrations entertainment. that's mister brennan groh on my left.
4 - shopping for some journals
5 - takin' a break on kate funk's display table
6 - me and kate with mister albert from the found. he was awesome.
7 - some awesome coasters kate funk got from the found.
8 - some even awesome-er greeting cards kate funk got from them.

stay tuned to see a new card kate funk will be making with me inspired by the awesome people of the found!


what to wear...

kate funk and i decided to check out my closet today to see what i should wear this weekend to the Broadway Paper Holiday Open House. I didn't realize how much clothes i have! they don't even fit in the 3 plastic tubs kate funk bought for me anymore. it's time for another tub. so we counted and i have:
22 hats
2 wigs
15 outfits
2 wings
8 accesories
ridiculous. no cat needs this much clothes.
you'll have to show up saturday at Broadway Paper to see what i ended up picking.
see you there!


greetings earthlings

kate funk and i did a photo shoot today of me in space! it was awesome. i think i make an excellent martian, don't you? and i discovered while kate wasn't paying attention that glitter glue stars taste delicious. she did eventually notice and make me stop licking them, though. jerk.
too bad kate's printer is in the shop being repaired. cause i can't wait for her to get this photo printed and out on some cards. it probably won't be ready in time for the Broadway Paper Holiday Open House, but it should be able to make it's debut at the Holiday Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago.
i also want to give an extra special thanks to kate's brother, scott, and his girlfriend, alex, for coming up with the idea for this photo. they rule.
later yo.

Broadway Paper Holiday Open House!

hey everybody!
so here's the information promised about my live appearance at Broadway Paper next weekend. miss kate funk will be at Broadway Paper on November 14th from 9 to 5 with all of her cards and the 2010 World's Most Super-Amazing 100% Awesome Cat Calendar. i, sadly, will not be there all day with her but will be making an appearance at 1:00 pm if you'd like to come out and meet me. you can find out more information about it here.
hope to see you there!


female art collective

hey peoples -
more great news! miss kate funk has been asked to take part in the female art collective! they are an online boutique that also hosts live music and art events 3 or 4 times a month in their community. they also plan on launching a store front in Louisville, KY in the near future. make sure to check them out. hopefully our stuff will be up on their website soon!
in other news - kate funk just finished re-doing her website today. you should check that out, too. it's not 100% done yet, but should be soon. and you'll notice that there's a photo of me on the main page looking very dapper in my all time favorite outfit. awesome.


the day after...

i hate the day after halloween. miss kate funk always returns from target with a million clearance outfits for me. and then she wants me to put on a fashion show for her. not cool.