female art collective

hey peoples -
more great news! miss kate funk has been asked to take part in the female art collective! they are an online boutique that also hosts live music and art events 3 or 4 times a month in their community. they also plan on launching a store front in Louisville, KY in the near future. make sure to check them out. hopefully our stuff will be up on their website soon!
in other news - kate funk just finished re-doing her website today. you should check that out, too. it's not 100% done yet, but should be soon. and you'll notice that there's a photo of me on the main page looking very dapper in my all time favorite outfit. awesome.

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  1. love the new website...it's a change i can get used to, although the other website really had "kate funk" all over it...either way, LOVE it! hugs to you and your owner! congrats on all the new places to sell your stuff and become that cat star we've come to love :)~linz