Movie #1 - GODZILLA!!!

hey ya'll! so after a long break from modeling kate funk and i decided to get back at it and start working on the 2011 calendar. i know it's a long way off, but kate's work has been super slow lately so she's had lots of free time. and we're both so super excited to start on it since it has such a different and exciting theme this year: MOVIES! (which i have to say - i've never meet anyone who watches as much tv or movies as miss kate funk).
we did our first shoot today: GODZILLA. we decided not to show the final photos so that it's more exciting when the calendar comes out, but here's some other photos from the shoot.
this is me being bored on the set while we were waiting for Jay to get the helicopter together.
and this photo was an awesome accident. i got a little too excited chasing the helicopter and the costume was too constricting so i fell over on my back. kate got this photo of me mid-fall. i think i got the godzilla pose spot on (even if it was an accident), but kate funk was laughing so hard that she didn't expose the photo correctly. sad. it woulda been awesome.


it's official...

kate funk cannot sew. this looks less like willy wonka's suit coat and more like an 80's woman's power suit. sad.


i'm on facebook!

so in her amazing amount of boredom yesterday, miss kate funk made me my very own facebook page! i was a little upset, though, because it kept rejecting all of my names. I guess annoying customer, ac, and a.c. are not valid names according to facebook. and they refused to give me an account without a last name, so the only thing they would accept was Ac Cat. lame. and "the" isn't a valid middle name either.
so i don't have awesome enough computer skills to connect my facebook to my blog, but if you want to be my friend on there - just search for Ac Cat in Milwaukee, WI.
In other news miss kate funk has begun working this weekend on the sets and costumes for the 2011 edition of our calendar (which - by the way - is not going to be the same as the last 2 years). we are going with a whole new theme this year: famous movies! and so far all i've seen is lots of army men, tanks, and a purple suit kate is sewing for me. don't worry - i'll keep you all up to date with any new information.
later peoples!


one month and counting...

i just realized that there is already only one month until Valentine's Day! (time flies by when you're living in the fast-paced world of cat modeling.) so if you're looking for a card to send to your sweetie maybe you should check out these cards featuring myself on kate funk's etsy site. there's nothing more romantical than a crabby, black cat.
from top to bottom:
AC in Flowers (blank inside)
AC is Out of This World (inside greeting: You're Out of This World!)
AC is Cupid (blank inside)

it's National Dress Up Your Pet Day!

are you as pumped as i am?


awesome custom ornament!

hey peoples!
so kate funk got this amazing present this past weekend from her friend and designer, Allison C. Beilke. it may be a little late for Christmas, but it shall be placed front and center on her tree next year - i'll make sure. she's been making custom felt ornaments of people's cats so kate funk asked her if she'd make one of me, and she did! i love it. it even looks a little crabby, which is my signature look for sure.
thank you miss Allison!


look what kate found!

so kate funk was searching all night for some old files of photos for vain, a zine that asked to show some of her work (more info on that later) and she came across this polaroid of me! she took it on the first night she got me from the shelter. i'm so tiny! and i even had my bald spots then. everyone said they'd grow out, but it never happened. sad.
she was super pumped, because she was so excited when she got me that she totally forgot to take photos, and there's only a few of me when i was a kitten. you'd think she would've been all over that - since she's a photographer and all. whatever.
that's all
back to napping.