We're Sold Out!

We did it!  We're sold out of calendars!  500 to be exact.  This is a new record for us and we're pretty dang proud.

For those of you who didn't get a calendar from us and are still looking for a copy you can check out these stores to see if they still have any (some even have them available to purchase on their online shops):

Broadway Paper
Milwaukee, WI
*available online

City Bird
Detroit, MI

Des Moines, IA
*available online

Milwaukee, WI

Female Art Collective
Louisville, KY
*available online
Chicago, Il
*available online

I Like You
Minneapolis, MN

ICE Pop-Up Shop
Atlanta, GA

Chicago, IL

Somerville, MA

Renegade Handmade
Chicago, IL
*available online

Sparrow Collective
Milwaukee, WI

Wholly Craft!
Columbus, OH

Pittsburgh, PA

Yellow Umbrella
Bemidji, MN

Young Blood Gallery & Boutique
Atlanta, GA


AC Loves You

We have a new card up in the shop as of today!  It's called AC Loves You and features me all fancied up in my tuxedo from Snoop Catty Cat.  It's perfect for Valentine's Day (which I know I shouldn't be bringing up since Christmas hasn't even gotten here yet) or if you just want to show someone you love them with a photo of my loving face.


Last Chance for Calendars!

So Kate Funk is about to take off to Chicago, Il for her last craft fair of the season - Urban Folk Circuit at the Glenwood Bar.  It runs today from noon to 5.  And she'll be taking the very last of her 2012 calendars with her.  We started with 500 and are down to under 10!  If you can't make it to the show there are still two left up on her Etsy site.  


Art vs. Craft + presents = awesome!

As you all may know, Art vs. Craft was this weekend right here in Milwaukee - and I hear from Kate that it was awesome.  But more importantly, she came home with presents!
I got this awesome catnip pizza slice from Too Bad Mice - so awesome in fact that she didn't even get a chance to open the package and give it to me before I ripped into it myself.

She also got this amazing luchador black cat brooch from Feltmates (which she wouldn't let me play with for some reason - lame.)

I hope she finds more awesome presents for me at Renegade this weekend!


Happy Black Friday!

Check out this photo from Wildcard's facebook page.  Amazing!

And make sure to come out tomorrow to Art Vs. Craft for Small Business Saturday.  Hope to see you there!



so in today's mail there was a super, awesome surprise for me from a really cool customer, Shreya, that Kate met this last weekend at The Crafty Fair in Madison, WI.  it's a Frankenstein hat!  I'm super pumped - we're going to have to make a Frankstein card now for sure.

DIY Trunk Show = Tomorrow

Broadway Armory Park 
5917 North Broadway Street
Chicago, IL 60660

10 am - 5 pm

Be there or be square!



So we have more awesome news on the retail store front.  Domestica from Des Moines, Iowa will now be carrying our stuff in their store, too!  Kate even got a chance to meet the owner, Chrissy, this weekend while she was in Iowa for Craft Saturday - although she didn't have a chance to see the actual store since they were closed by the time the fair ended.  It look pretty amazing, though, from the photos on their website.
So if you're in the area you should definitely go check them out!


Yellow Umbrella and ICE Pop-Up Shop

We have two new stores to announce that will be carrying our stuff - Yellow Umbrella and the ICE Pop Up Shop.
Yellow Umbrella is a gift shop and gallery that carries both handmade and vintage items in Bemidji, MN.  And their shop looks pretty super-amazing.  Check out these photos from their blog.

The Indie Craft Experience Pop-Up Shop is located inside of Criminal Records in Atlanta, GA.  It will only be open from December 1st - 24th.  Kate Funk was chosen along with about 80 other super rad vendors to participate in this short-run shop.

So if you are in either of these areas make sure to go check them out and get your Christmas shopping on!  


Dots & Loops

Hello everybody!
So we're super excited to announce that our stuff is now available in Dots & Loops Handmade Boutique all the way up in Nova Scotia, Canada!  Kate Funk just finished packaging up her first order and it'll be on it's way first thing in the morning.

They even have an unofficial store mascot - the owners, Melanie and Stephen's cat Frank.  He seems like a pretty cool dude, with being able to shoot lasers out of his eyes and what not.



2013 Calendar Theme Contest

Help!  We need a theme for the 2013 calendar.  We really liked the last two years where we had themes rather than traditional holiday photographs.  (2011 was famous movies and 2012 is musical genres.)  But now we're stumped on what to do for 2013.  
Since we're always getting suggestions for photo ideas we thought that we'd ask you guys what you want to see and turn it into a contest.  Kate Funk, Brennan, and I will vote on the winning idea, and they will receive a free copy of the calendar their idea helped create!  (With a bit of a wait while we make it first.)
To enter, leave a comment on this post with your name and some way for us to contact you if you win (email, link back to your blog or profile, etc.).  
The contest ends at midnight (CST) of Saturday, December 31st and the winner be will chosen and announced on Sunday, January 1st.  
If you have trouble entering a comment, please email Kate at katefunk@katefunk.com instead.
We can't wait to hear what you are thinking!


AC's Baby

It's October!  Kate flipped the calendar this morning and I got to see one of my favorite photos from last year's calendar - Rosemary's Baby.  It's actually a favorite of mine because it was the one photo I didn't have to pose for.  This was the one time that miss Kate Funk actually used photoshop for one of her photos (which she gets asked about a lot at craft shows I hear - and I assure you that I sit and pose for all of those photos until we get it just right).  If you look closely, you'll notice it's actually the side view from the Mug Shot card flipped on it's side.
It's one of Kate Funk's favorite photos, though, just because she loves the movie.  And this time of year.  She's already pulled out a stack of her favorite old horror movies (she doesn't seem to like the new ones for some reason) for us to watch in preparation of her favorite holiday - Halloween!


2012 Super Amazing 100% Awesome Cat Calendar Pre-Order Sale!!!!

So it's official - the calendar is all finished and at the printers!  The arrival date is set for October 13th (hopefully) - just in time for Miss Kate Funk to take them with her to Craftin' Outlaws on the 15th.  Until then, though, we're having a Pre - Order Sale on her Etsy site for them.  We're offering them for $12.00 - 25% off the retail price if you purchase them ahead of time.  (We need some help paying for those ridiculous printing costs that keep going up and up every year.)
So go check it out.  The offer ends at midnight on Wednesday, October 12th.


Halloween in Coming!

Hey Everybody!
I'm super pumped to announce that we have two new cards up in Miss Kate Funk's Etsy shop today!  In honor of Halloween (Kate's favoritest holiday ever - probably due to the mass amount of black cat imagery everywhere) coming up she made a brand new card: AC is a Mummy for Halloween.

There's also AC is Totally Awesome which features my new wave photo from the upcoming calendar (which is hopefully going to be available by October 14th).

Later dudes.


Bunches O' New Stuff

so miss kate funk just got done updating her Etsy site and added a bunch of new items.
First off, the {Musical} Boxed Set.  It includes 5 of her newest cards - all photos from the upcoming calendar.

Second, AC by the Fire - a new Christmas card for this year.

And lastly, the {Holiday} Boxed Set, which includes the new AC by the Fire card as well as 4 older holiday cards with me on them.

All of her individual holiday cards are up and available now, too.  go check it out!



and we're finished!  we took the last calendar photo this morning - grunge.  now it's time for mister Brennan to work his graphical design magic and create us an amazing calendar.  hopefully it'll be finished and ready for sale soon.  i'll keep you updated.

now i wish i could say i get to take a break, but miss kate funk has had lots of card ideas brewing while we were working on this calendar - so it's onto those.
later dudes!


AC Rotten

heya!  so there's a new greeting card up in the shop - AC Rotten.  go check it out!


Renegade Recap

i just wanted to share some photos with you from miss kate funk's trip to the Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago this weekend.  apparently her and j had an awesome time - without me.
here's a photo of kate's booth:

"care for some cat cards?"

they also had a street barber right outside their booth, so mister j decided to take a break and get a haircut.

there wasn't a whole lot of free time for kate to shop around, sadly.  the crowds were non-stop and she told me she only got one tiny break for shopping, but never made it through the whole fair to check everything out.  but she did snag this awesome t-shirt from her booth neighbors, Urban Posture.  

and she picked up these awesome stickers for mister jay since he stayed home to watch me from Mis Nopales Art.  they strangely combine two of his favorite things: Star Wars and the Day of the Dead.  super awesome.  

now it's time to re-coop and finish up this calendar bizness.



we took the new wave photo today.  and i gotta say - i totally rocked this outfit.

only one photo left to go and then it's calendar time!



miss kate funk made me dress up like a girl today.  not cool.


Renegade is this weekend!

Our most favorite craft fair (and the one that gave miss kate funk her start in the crafting world) is this coming weekend!  Miss Kate Funk has been hard at work packaging one million cards to bring with her.  And her friend, J, will be flying in special to help her out with her booth.  Make sure to go out and visit them and check out the amazing fair.  She'll be in booth 203 with Hey! Jen Renee.  Hurrah!



heya everybody!
so miss kate funk was up all late last night working on making me a super awesome red mohawk so that we could take calendar photo number 9 this morning - punk!
i'm pretty pumped about how it turned out.  the only problem was that when we finished there were two different shots we couldn't decide between.  so instead of choosing one we sent an email to Brennan, the graphic designer for the calendar, who had his co-workers at the TOMS creative department take a vote and we ended up with this as the winner:

and here's the runner up (i think I look better in this one, but it was decided a full mohawk view was necessary).

onto the next genre: Pop music.  i think we need to google some Hannah Montana photos for inspiration.  gross.



we took another calendar photo today: broadway! i think i look pretty dashing if I don't say so myself. and the tux came from another Etsy seller: Snoop Catty Catt. they make some pretty amazing stuff. go check it out!


check it - new cards!

we got 2 brand new cards up in the shop today. AC is so EMOtional and AC is DJ Mad Catter (and a super thanks Allison for the DJ name). go check them out!



we took calendar photo number 7 today: techno!!!
i think i look good as a DJ. i need one of those cool names, though. any suggestions?


Indie Arts Market

just a reminder that miss kate funk will be heading to Chicago this Saturday for the Indie Arts Market Summer 2011 at Schubas Tavern. you can find more information about it here and info about all of this year's vendors here.