Frankenstein's Monster

Upon waking this morning we saw that it was a bright and sunny day.  So we decided that it sounded like a good day for a photo shoot - a Frankenstein's Monster photo shoot.  Kate had her work cut out for this one and had to learn how sew clothing in order to make me my suit jacket.  Luckily, his jacket is known for being a bit tattered so her lack of sewing skills didn't matter so much.  We also had some help on this one from an awesome customer who offered us a Frankenstein hat they had.  The result: awesome.  Check out our second favorite shot from the shoot:


St. Paul Craftstravaganza Recap

Hello all!  In case you missed it this last weekend Kate ventured to Minnesota for the St. Paul Craftstravaganza and came back with tons o' things to tell me about and show me.  First and most importantly - she brought me back presents!  I got a bunch of new toys from both Too Bad Mice and Gentry Night Studios.  Here's a photo of all of them:

Here's some photos of me playing with my new strawberry ice cream cone from Too Bad Mice when I got back.  I love it!

And here's me with my new piece of bacon from Gentry Night Studios.  Also super amazing.  I look a little bit goofy in the last photo, though.

Lastly I thought I'd share some of the photos she took on her trip.
This is a big, orange moose from her favorite stop in Black River Falls.  Sadly, she missed her face in the photo.  And didn't realize until she got back in her car that her cell phone was "loaded" with black and white "film" so you can't really tell it's an orange moose.

She stayed with her brother while she was visiting and got to enjoy the company of the many street cats that live in his neighborhood.  You can see one in the background here watching them all eat.

While there her brother gave her an amazing birthday present: an antique bobble-head version of me!  You can see it in the little gold top hat below on her shelf of knick-knacks.  Best present ever.

Now back to the grindstone.  Up next: Frankenstein.


Abominable Snowman

Heya!  So we did the Abominable Snowman shoot today.  I have to say that it was officially my least favorite costume that Kate has ever made me wear.  It covered up both my ears and my mouth.  Not cool, Kate.  Not cool.  But I still managed to pull it out and give her an awesome 30 seconds of my modeling time.  Here's a photo from the shoot.  It wasn't the winner, but rather our second favorite.  (Wait until you see number one - I totally nailed it.)

St. Paul Craftstravaganza

If you are in the Twin Cities area this Saturday make sure to come out and visit Kate Funk and lots o' other awesome vendors at the St. Paul Craftstravaganza!




Heya!  As of this afternoon you can find Kate Funk's stuff at another store in the Milwaukee area: Waxwing.  Kate had a chance to visit them today when she went to drop some cards off and told me it was one of the cutest shops ever.  Make sure to check it out if you are in the area, or if not you can always shop on their online store here.