Tennessee, here we come!

so miss kate funk got some great news last night. she's going to be a part of Chattanooga, Tennessee's Chatty Crafty Fair! we realize it's quite a hike to travel that far for a craft fair - but the allure of a road trip (especially one with a detour through Nashville!) sounded pretty awesome and her husband, Jay, convinced her to apply. i'm a little bummed since i don't get to come along, but that's a little too long of a car ride for me.
we'll have more info for you soon....


2012 calendar begins!!!!

so miss kate funk started working on the 2012 calendar this last week. and the theme is ..... musical genres!
she was inspired after taking the photo for my AC Be Ballin' card last year (which will be in the calendar as well).

we decided to tackle the hippies first, did our first shoot this last week, and came up with this awesome photo: AC's Acid Trip (which will be up for sale soon on her etsy shop as a greeting card).

stay tuned for more. i've been seeing her doing a lot of work making a me-sized boombox...


garden markers

with garden season about to approach (miss kate got all of her seeds and supplies this last weekend and is excited and ready to go) kate decided it was time to start putting some of her garden markers up on her etsy site. she started making them last year as a present for me and some of her other friends' kitties. you can read about it here. and she sold them at a bunch of craft fairs last year, too, but didn't ever get around to putting them up on etsy until now. she also traveled up north this past weekend to her use her dad's workshop to make a bunch more. they'll be up soon.
she's also going to be at the East Town Market at Discovery World this weekend and will be bringing everything with her there - so make sure to go check that out if you are in the Milwaukee area.
later gators!


wedding videos part 1

so here's a few of the wedding videos from miss kate funk's wedding in Las Vegas.
the first is from Jay's "bachelor party" at the Las Vegas Gun Range. it was shot by Michael Patterson of 811 Productions and edited by kate.

is one is from the Neon Museum.

this is from the Bellagio Fountains at the end of the night.

and this one is from the next day while Jay and Kate were walking around Vegas.

i hope you like them!


upcoming events

so there are a few upcoming events that miss kate told me to let you all know about.
first - The Arts Mill Boutique in Grafton, WI is having it's grand opening on Friday, March 11th from 5 - 10 pm.

secondly - on Saturday, March 12th miss kate funk will be at the East Town Market at Discovery World from 10 am - 2 pm.

go check them both out!