presents for Rosie, Roxie, and Mabel!

so after miss kate funk bought me a catnip plant awhile back, i decided my fellow Milwaukee cat friends needed to have some, too! so i had miss kate funk go pick up a couple of plants and re-pot them nicely for me. (i'm only good at pulling plants out of pots - not putting them in.)
it also gave kate a chance to try out something she's been wanting to do: making spoon herb markers! she's shown me a bunch on etsy she loves, but never had any extra money to spend on them - especially since her garden is so huge that she'd need a million of them. after reading an awesome blog entry by her friend Jessica of Window Ledge Arts she headed out to some thrift stores to find some cool spoons. the findings were a little slim, but she's still on the lookout for more. these were only her first attempt - so no judging - but i still think they're pretty cool. i hope Rosie, Roxie, and Mabel like them! (and if you're reading this, Erin and Allison, don't let them in on the surprise.)


  1. Wooo-hooo! I'm so pumped. They turned out AWESOME. And thanks for the link love, yo.

  2. Omg so cute! I love the spoons. Mabel will be very excited for this and I have the perfect.. or should I say purfect? spot for it on my windowsill