hello peoples!
sorry for the big lapse in blogging. as many of you may know, miss kate funk is a very busy lady. besides the work she does with me she has her own video production company, assists and helps out at another video company, and has picked up a summer job working at a local garden shop. on top of all of that she also got a very nasty ear infection these last few weeks. while that sucks for her it gave me a huge vacation from any of our work together. i barely saw her other than sleeping time. as an apology she brought me home an amazing, delicious catnip plant from work! i've never had real catnip - only the store bought dried kind. it's pretty awesome. so awesome i just wanna rub my face all over it. here's some photos she took of me enjoying it.

so now it's time to get back at it. we've been slacking on our calendar photos. here i come chocolate factory.

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