more new stuff!

hey peoples!
kate funk put up a few things in her etsy shop today that include some awesome photo of myself.  as promised earlier there are two new invitations made by the wonderful mister brennan groh.  and then there is an awesome new mother's day card showing a photo of myself dressed up like a lady.  this was, by far, the worst photo shoot to date kate funk made me do.  not only did i have to wear a pearl necklace and an apron, but she actually put a blonde wig on me.  not cool.  (although i do look pretty good with blonde hair, i have to say).  i just sat still and let her get it over with as fast as possible so i could get out of that ridiculous outfit.  and everyone on set just sat there and laughed the whole time.  jerks.  i will not be playing a lady ever again.  no sir.
anyways.  i hope you like the outcome at least.  i made a pretty good mom model for sure.  later, yo.



designer extraordinaire, mister brennan groh, has done it again!  he made these invitations and their packaging for kate funk using some of my favorite photos of me.  there is a birthday party, party time, and cookout invitation.  each pack comes with 10 invites and matching envelopes.  he has also designed 2 more that will be coming soon.  we're just waiting on some different colored envelopes for them.  so check back soon for those.  and check out kate funk's etsy site to see the invitations and more.


i wish it was summertime

in honor of summer coming kate funk took another photo of me, this time at the beach.  i was a little crabby (literally) cause she wouldn't let me eat the driftwood.  lame.  check it out in card format at her etsy shop.


new packaging!

hey peoples!
i just wanted to show everyone the new packaging for the cat card box by kate funk.  my old roommate (and the owner of my girlfriend, kitty) brennan groh designed it for kate funk.  she had to stop doing it the old way, which involved xylene transfers, cause she kept getting sick from the fumes.  it looks way cooler now.  he did an awesome job.  check it out at kate funk's etsy shop.


kate funk now at fasten!

hey peoples!  great news!  kate funk told me that some of her greeting cards are now available at fasten, an awesome milwaukee store.  i guess they are her polaroid cards only, not the wonderful portraits of myself, but that's cool.  i'll live.
so if you are in the milwakee area you should stop by fasten and check them out.