more new stuff!

hey peoples!
kate funk put up a few things in her etsy shop today that include some awesome photo of myself.  as promised earlier there are two new invitations made by the wonderful mister brennan groh.  and then there is an awesome new mother's day card showing a photo of myself dressed up like a lady.  this was, by far, the worst photo shoot to date kate funk made me do.  not only did i have to wear a pearl necklace and an apron, but she actually put a blonde wig on me.  not cool.  (although i do look pretty good with blonde hair, i have to say).  i just sat still and let her get it over with as fast as possible so i could get out of that ridiculous outfit.  and everyone on set just sat there and laughed the whole time.  jerks.  i will not be playing a lady ever again.  no sir.
anyways.  i hope you like the outcome at least.  i made a pretty good mom model for sure.  later, yo.


  1. nothing says "i love you mom" like a cross-dressing cat...this card is a guaranteed hit!

  2. I love this card! It might be my favorite yet...except I really like the one with ac and the flowers.

  3. Okay...not to comment-stalk you but I happen to know that your spring catalog is available. My Mom wants one and can I put a link to it on my blog??