Swamp Thing

So today we sat down and tried for the second time to shoot the Swamp Thing.  I really wasn't in the mood the first time we tried - and Kate realized that there were some things she wanted to add to my costume and the background anyways - so it all worked out.  Thanks to some help from her friends she was able to get a great shot today (which was a little hard because I wasn't so sure on how I felt about the vaporizer that her friends lent her for the photo).  Here's some photos leading up to and at the shoot.

I had to oversee all the costume construction

here's a close up of the costume when it was finally finished

here's a shot of the set all ready to go
(I like how you can see she recycled the Frankenstein's Monster
and Abominable Snowman sets to make this one)

I'm getting bored waiting for the shoot to start

here's when Jay first turned on the vaporizer and I wasn't sure what was happening

Ok.  Onto the next: KING KONG!