maxin' and relaxin'

this is my favorite time of the year.
we've finished the calendar.
kate funk is too busy with other things to make me do any shoots.
i just get to lounge around.
maxin' and relaxin'.


The Glitter Workshop!

attention all Madison peoples! there is a brand new store that is about to open up called The Glitter Workshop - and they will be carrying our stuff! miss kate funk is super pumped to have another store added to her list in her favoritest of all states: Wisconsin. it sounds like Naomi, the owner, is shooting for November 13th as their grand opening. check it out yo.
also if you are in the Madison area on December 11th make sure to check out the Sixth Annual Holiday Craftacular, which is also being organized by The Glitter Workshop. kate participated in their summer show and is super excited to join them again for the winter version. it's a great chance to shop for handmade presents for the holidays. (especially if you are interested in some super awesome cat calendars).
that's all for now.
later dudes


it's here!!!!!!

we're so excited! check it out here.



miss kate funk bought me a puffy vest at target today. which apparently she thinks requires a blonde wig to "complete the look". not cool.


more card revamping

heya everybody!
so in addition to revamping the back of our cards, mister brennan groh also helped us out by by re-doing the text on the inside of some of our cards as well as creating matching stickers for them. i had miss kate funk take a photo of a couple of them to show you all what they look like.
i think they rule pretty awesomely. thanks brennan!


2011 Calendar Sneak Peek!!

heya everybody! big news!!!
so the calendar is finally finished and off to the printers. hopefully we'll be able to put it up for sale soon on kate funk's etsy site. until then here are some sneak peek photos that kate took today.
we can't wait!!!!!!!


movie #12 - 7 Year Itch

and it's done! we're finally finished shooting the photos for the 2011 cat calendar! it took way too long, and tons o' work, but it's done. we did the last photo shoot this morning. miss kate funk wasn't happy because she was up all night finishing the backdrop despite my attempts to stop her from doing so by insisting on tummy rubs and attacking her pencil non-stop. but she most certainly got me back by making me dress up as the famous marilyn monroe for this shoot. not cool.

so now it's time to send everything off to the printers. we'll let you know when we get them back and they're finally up for sale. hurrah!!!

it's 2:30 in the morning.
and i refuse to let miss kate funk finish her final calendar backdrop for the final shoot in the morning.
or sleep.



so there have been a lot of changes going on around the office here that we thought we should let everybody in on. miss kate funk has reached a point where she's been pulling her hair out with way too much to do and had to make some hard decisions to help alleviate some of her stress. so it was decided that it was finally time to hand the printing and cutting of her cards over to a third party.
being the control freak that she is, she's not 100% excited about this decision. but there are some upsides:
first - she decided it was time to update the back of her cards. she turned once again to the amazing mister brennan groh for some help and this is what he came up with:

we're all really pumped about it. we just got the proof back from the printers yesterday and love it. (and i think it smells pretty awesome, too.)
second - the paper stock is so much nicer than what miss kate has been using up until now. it's much thicker and has a glossier front.
third - this gives miss kate so much more free time to work on new photos (and hopefully replace some of the older designs she's no longer in love with). she spends all her time now printing, cutting, folding, and packaging cards nightly. with the first three steps gone she should have tons more time to focus her attention on other things. and maybe have a night off once and awhile, too.
so with the good comes the bad. she will sadly have to raise the prices of her cards once the new ones arrive. there's no way she could sell them at the current prices and make any sort of profit with the price it costs her to print them. lame.
the final piece of news (which kate thinks sucks - but i think rules) is that she will be discontinuing her Polaroid card line. that's right. it's all about me now. boom. they are on sale for now on her etsy site. the prices for the AC cards hasn't gone up yet, either, so you can still snatch those up at the lower price until the new ones arrive.
ok. back to my nap. later dudes...