movie #12 - 7 Year Itch

and it's done! we're finally finished shooting the photos for the 2011 cat calendar! it took way too long, and tons o' work, but it's done. we did the last photo shoot this morning. miss kate funk wasn't happy because she was up all night finishing the backdrop despite my attempts to stop her from doing so by insisting on tummy rubs and attacking her pencil non-stop. but she most certainly got me back by making me dress up as the famous marilyn monroe for this shoot. not cool.

so now it's time to send everything off to the printers. we'll let you know when we get them back and they're finally up for sale. hurrah!!!

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  1. hahaha I am SO EXCITED about this new calendar, I can't even articulate it properly...and this photo just clinched it for me...I'm counting down the days till you release it/it's 2011...