Renegade Finds (All Cities!)

So craft fair season is finally over and I get to enjoy Kate sleeping in with me on weekends once more. But it wasn't all work.  Check out some of the awesome things she found at the fairs (there is even more, but some of it is gifts so I can't show them just yet).

Renegade Chicago

Renegade Los Angeles
(Kate's awesome booth partner)

Renegade San Francisco
And yes, that is a Wu Tang Clan print.  Amazing.


Renegade Craft Fair San Francisco

So it's time for the last fair of the season: Renegade Craft Fair San Francisco!  Kate will be there in booth #149 along with Usagi Team who makes super cute animal clothing and accessories (a match made in heaven).


Renegade Craft Fair Los Angeles

Heya!  So Kate is leaving me again this morning (I decided staying under the blankets in the warm smooshy bed sounded way awesome-er) to head off to LA for their Renegade Craft Fair Holiday Market this Saturday and Sunday.  Mister Brennan, the designer of the calendar, lives out there and will be showing her around the town as it is her first time in LA - super exciting.  So if you live in the area make sure to stop out.  She'll be in booth #72 along with shop Miguez.
Later gators!


Renegade Craft Fair Chicago

Heya all you Chicago-land peoples!  Make sure you head out to the Renegade Craft Fair this Saturday and Sunday.  Kate will be there (in a new spot this year!) on the 1st floor in Gym #1 Booth #75.  Hope to see you there!


Doin' Some Updating - Leprechaun Style

So this morning my awesome, long break from modeling came to an end.  Kate decided with NSS coming up soon we need to get cracking at the new calendar.  First magical creature up: Leprechauns.  We did this photo shoot once before back in 2008 when we first started.  Afterwards Kate made me sit down and look at the new photo next to the old one we had.  It's amazing to see how far we've come in costumes and backgrounds (my awesome-ness has stayed pretty consistent - Kate was the one who needed some improving).  Check it out: 2008 and 2012 Leprechauns.  I think the new one wins fo sho. I'll let you know when the card becomes available in Kate's Etsy shop.


Art vs. Craft

Heya all you Milwaukee folks - make sure to check out Art vs. Craft tomorrow from 10 - 6 at the Harley Davidson Museum.  It's a great opportunity to come out and support your local crafters and Small Business Saturday.  Kate will be there in booth #36 in the Garage.


Big News!

Kate just got word today that she will be showing at the National Stationery Show this upcoming May!  This means a super lot of work coming up for both her and I, but I think we're up to the task - so long as I still get my 23 hours a day of napping squeezed in there somewhere.


Bloomington Handmade Market

Indiana peeps!  Come visit Kate Funk tomorrow at the Bloomington Handmade Market.  She'll be there along with 47 other awesome artists kicking off the holiday shopping season.


iPhone Cases!

Heya everybody.  Super exciting news!  As of today my beautiful mug will now be gracing iPhone cases.  For now we only have this one with the photograph of myself dressed up as the Wolfman for the iPhone 5, but there will be more to come soon.  You can also custom order one if there's another design you'd like to see.  Just contact Kate at katefunk@katefunk.com or convo her through Etsy for more info.


Cleaning House

Heya everybody!
So there are some changes going on around here at Kate Funk headquarters.  On the top of the list is that Kate has decided to clean house and get rid of some of the older designs from when we first started out.  She told me that it isn't that my modeling skillz weren't super amazing (cause we all know they are), but that now that the sets and costumes are getting better after so much practice she doesn't like the look of these cards anymore.  So if you want to get any of them before they are gone make sure to find them on her Etsy site or visit her at any of her upcoming shows (check out the list on the left side of the page).  There's a limited supply of each left.
Later gators!


California Bound

So Kate got some really, really great news yesterday.  It looks like we were accepted into both the Los Angeles and San Francisco Renegade Holiday fairs this year (And Chicago, too)!  She's never been to either city before and is super, super pumped - and feeling a bit overwhelmed trying to figure out how to get her whole booth setup into 2 pieces of luggage.  And as an extra plus - she has friends in both cities that she'll get to visit while there!  I guess I'll just stay here and hold down the fort.  Lame.


Christmas Cards are here!

Heya!  So I know it's kind of early, but Kate Funk just put up all of her Christmas cards on her Etsy site including her new one for this year: AC is the Christmas Tree.  Go check them out!



Come visit Kate Funk this weekend in booth #196 between Wood and Hermitage.


2013 Calendar Pre-Order Sale Almost Over!

Hello all!
I can't believe I realized I forgot to mention our 2013 Calendar Pre-Order Sale to everyone!  I know Kate wrote something about it on her Facebook page, but I guess I dropped the ball over here.
The calendars will be available and ready to ship by Tuesday, September 4th.  The retail price at that time will become $16.00, but for all of those who pre-order the calendar we're offering it at 25% off - $12.00.   
We're coming up to the end of the Pre-Order Sale, though.  It will end at midnight on Wednesday, August 29th (central time zone).  There's only 3 more days to go! So if you want a discount on your calendars make sure to head over to Kate Funk's Etsy site and order them now!


The Devil

We shot the very last calendar photo today - the Devil!  There was a bit of controversy over this one as a lot of people told Kate they didn't think the Devil was a famous monster.  She disagrees and keeps telling everyone the Devil is actually the A#1 monster of all time (and her favorite antagonist in horror movies).  Regardless, everything went really well and I modeled to perfection.  Now time for a much needed break while all the photos are sent off to Mister Brennan Groh to work his magical graphic design charms.  Hurrah!


King Kong

Heya!  So we shot King Kong this morning.  I got to be him in the classic scene where he fights the T-Rex in the jungle.  (We couldn't quite figure out how to make me hang off a building like they do in the end of the movies - so this was the second best option.  (But also because Kate loves dinosaurs and it gave her an excuse to buy one.))
Here's a photo of me hanging out before the shoot with Mr. T-Rex.  I used to hate him, but we've become buddies now.

And here he is in the set waiting on me to get my costume on.

You'll have to wait to see the final photo - but not too much longer because we only have one to go!!!!!!  Hurrah!


Swamp Thing

So today we sat down and tried for the second time to shoot the Swamp Thing.  I really wasn't in the mood the first time we tried - and Kate realized that there were some things she wanted to add to my costume and the background anyways - so it all worked out.  Thanks to some help from her friends she was able to get a great shot today (which was a little hard because I wasn't so sure on how I felt about the vaporizer that her friends lent her for the photo).  Here's some photos leading up to and at the shoot.

I had to oversee all the costume construction

here's a close up of the costume when it was finally finished

here's a shot of the set all ready to go
(I like how you can see she recycled the Frankenstein's Monster
and Abominable Snowman sets to make this one)

I'm getting bored waiting for the shoot to start

here's when Jay first turned on the vaporizer and I wasn't sure what was happening

Ok.  Onto the next: KING KONG!


Frankenstein's Monster

Upon waking this morning we saw that it was a bright and sunny day.  So we decided that it sounded like a good day for a photo shoot - a Frankenstein's Monster photo shoot.  Kate had her work cut out for this one and had to learn how sew clothing in order to make me my suit jacket.  Luckily, his jacket is known for being a bit tattered so her lack of sewing skills didn't matter so much.  We also had some help on this one from an awesome customer who offered us a Frankenstein hat they had.  The result: awesome.  Check out our second favorite shot from the shoot:


St. Paul Craftstravaganza Recap

Hello all!  In case you missed it this last weekend Kate ventured to Minnesota for the St. Paul Craftstravaganza and came back with tons o' things to tell me about and show me.  First and most importantly - she brought me back presents!  I got a bunch of new toys from both Too Bad Mice and Gentry Night Studios.  Here's a photo of all of them:

Here's some photos of me playing with my new strawberry ice cream cone from Too Bad Mice when I got back.  I love it!

And here's me with my new piece of bacon from Gentry Night Studios.  Also super amazing.  I look a little bit goofy in the last photo, though.

Lastly I thought I'd share some of the photos she took on her trip.
This is a big, orange moose from her favorite stop in Black River Falls.  Sadly, she missed her face in the photo.  And didn't realize until she got back in her car that her cell phone was "loaded" with black and white "film" so you can't really tell it's an orange moose.

She stayed with her brother while she was visiting and got to enjoy the company of the many street cats that live in his neighborhood.  You can see one in the background here watching them all eat.

While there her brother gave her an amazing birthday present: an antique bobble-head version of me!  You can see it in the little gold top hat below on her shelf of knick-knacks.  Best present ever.

Now back to the grindstone.  Up next: Frankenstein.


Abominable Snowman

Heya!  So we did the Abominable Snowman shoot today.  I have to say that it was officially my least favorite costume that Kate has ever made me wear.  It covered up both my ears and my mouth.  Not cool, Kate.  Not cool.  But I still managed to pull it out and give her an awesome 30 seconds of my modeling time.  Here's a photo from the shoot.  It wasn't the winner, but rather our second favorite.  (Wait until you see number one - I totally nailed it.)

St. Paul Craftstravaganza

If you are in the Twin Cities area this Saturday make sure to come out and visit Kate Funk and lots o' other awesome vendors at the St. Paul Craftstravaganza!




Heya!  As of this afternoon you can find Kate Funk's stuff at another store in the Milwaukee area: Waxwing.  Kate had a chance to visit them today when she went to drop some cards off and told me it was one of the cutest shops ever.  Make sure to check it out if you are in the area, or if not you can always shop on their online store here.


The Wolfman

Heya everybody!
So today we decided to take a crack at the Wolfman photo.  We had some awesome help on this one from Kate's cousin, Nick Umland.  We were in need of a full moon photo for the background and he had some amazing shots that he graciously let us choose from.  We don't want to wreck the photo by showing you them just yet, but you'll be able to see what we mean once the calendar comes out.  So with his help and Kate's attempt to sew a Wolfman costume we think it turned out pretty amazing.  Here's a shot of me on the set taking a break between shots.  Modeling can be so exhausting.


AC attacks!!!!!

So we took the next calendar photo today - aliens!!!!  Kate Funk had super fun making the costume this time.  I didn't have that much fun wearing it, though.  In fact I kinda hated it.  But despite all of that I was able to pull out my awesome modeling skillz and take an amazing photo.  Here is one from when I decided I was finished and started to walk off the set (cause if you didn't know I decide when we are done shooting - not Kate or Jay).  It kind of gives you an idea of what the set looked like.  Hopefully Kate will let me show you the real photos soon.  She wants it to be a secret I guess.  Lame.