no American Beauty photo shoots policy

so in addition to forgetting to mention to miss kate funk that i have a no moustache policy, i also forgot to mention my no American Beauty photo shoots policy. which, in hindsight, i could have mentioned before she purchased 1000 silk rose petals. oops.

this is jay trying to show me how to lie on my back. for future reference: unless there is a sunny window nearby - that's not going to happen.
maybe i'll give it another shot in a few days. but probably not.


no moustache policy

so after a few requests to make a father's day card, miss kate funk decided to start making me my "dad" costume today. in honor of her dad (who has had a moustache since the day she was born and has never been seen by her without) she felt i really needed a moustache. unfortunately for her, she was unaware of my no moustache policy. this is as close as she could get it before she realized it was a lost cause.


East Town Market at Discovery World

heya peoples!
so miss kate funk returned from the East Town Market today with lots of good things to tell me. sadly she didn't have a whole lot of photos to show (and she cannot take credit for this amazing outside shot of Discovery World) since she didn't have a helper with her today and didn't get a chance to walk around like she wanted. but she did say it was the most beautiful space she's showed in so far. at least she got an awesome view of lake michigan the whole time.
so hopefully at that next show she'll get actually get a chance to walk around and visit the other booths and bring me some presents. she especially wanted to check out dwellephant's booth after seeing some of the things people had purchased and were carrying around. next time...
if you didn't get a chance to check it out today make sure you catch the next show. It's scheduled for April 24th from 10 - 2 at the same place. you can get more info on it here.
later gators


movie #4 - Rambo

hey my peoples.
miss kate funk and i just finished our Rambo shoot! It went super awesomely. this is a shot of my outfit that kate made for me to wear. she had to go to a store and buy the bullets and everything (although i guess she was too embarrassed to say what they were for when asked by the clerk. lame. there should be no shame in saying you are a cat photographer.) it took her many tries to make the actual belt, but she finally got it done thanks to some much needed help from miss Allison Beilke at one of their weekend crafternoons.
here's a shot of me on the set. i think i look very manly for once.
so onto the next. any suggestions? we're a few short.


me vs. the evil dog i live with

miss kate funk got a video camera...


goodbye invitations...

so miss kate funk has decided to discontinue making my awesome invitations. so sad.... i love them, but understand. They cost too much to make by hand and sell at a reasonable price. it's mostly the #10 waste not envelopes, which we love, but even at a wholesale price are very expensive. kate still has some left for sale, but won't plan on making anymore once they're gone. you can check them out on her etsy site under the SALE section. and if you want more than one pack you can convo her to make a deal. check them out!
later gators


Movie #3 - JAWS

sorry for the big break in any exciting news as of late. miss kate funk and jay were in Vegas all last week planning their wedding, so i got a big break in work (and some awesome play dates with miss Erin of Holy Matrimony! and Renegade Soiree).
so we finally got back to bizness this morning and set out to do our JAWS photoshoot we've had planned for sometime. kate kept telling me i got into a diva mood during the shoot, and that i didn't do so awesome. whatever. i still turned it out in the end, so she needs to stop complaining. here's some photos from during the shoot.
this is jay trying to explain to me how i needed to pose. note how attentive and awesomely i am listening. i don't see a diva here.
and this is me after the shoot and all the fighting looking like a super crabby pants.
anyways. onto the next: Rambo! miss kate funk is on her way now to Fleet Farm to buy me some bullets for my "bullet sash" (her words - not mine). that should be interesting.


goodbye stardream gold...

miss kate funk informed me today that when she went to re-order some of the envelopes for her cards from waste not paper she was told that their super-amazing stardream gold has finally been discontinued. so sadly she had some envelope colors to change around. from now on my mug shot card shall no longer feature the super stylin' gold envelope and shall be replaced by the almost as cool curry envelope.
so sad...


i'm a smitten kitten

check out this super awesome photo miss kate funk was sent by a customer last night. i think this is the best doppelganger photo she's been sent yet. same white patch, same bald spots above the ears, and same awesome facial expression of hatred. this cute little number's name is Rosa. and may i say (in the words of Charlie Kelly): MEeeeeOWwwww.