East Town Market at Discovery World

heya peoples!
so miss kate funk returned from the East Town Market today with lots of good things to tell me. sadly she didn't have a whole lot of photos to show (and she cannot take credit for this amazing outside shot of Discovery World) since she didn't have a helper with her today and didn't get a chance to walk around like she wanted. but she did say it was the most beautiful space she's showed in so far. at least she got an awesome view of lake michigan the whole time.
so hopefully at that next show she'll get actually get a chance to walk around and visit the other booths and bring me some presents. she especially wanted to check out dwellephant's booth after seeing some of the things people had purchased and were carrying around. next time...
if you didn't get a chance to check it out today make sure you catch the next show. It's scheduled for April 24th from 10 - 2 at the same place. you can get more info on it here.
later gators

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