movie #4 - Rambo

hey my peoples.
miss kate funk and i just finished our Rambo shoot! It went super awesomely. this is a shot of my outfit that kate made for me to wear. she had to go to a store and buy the bullets and everything (although i guess she was too embarrassed to say what they were for when asked by the clerk. lame. there should be no shame in saying you are a cat photographer.) it took her many tries to make the actual belt, but she finally got it done thanks to some much needed help from miss Allison Beilke at one of their weekend crafternoons.
here's a shot of me on the set. i think i look very manly for once.
so onto the next. any suggestions? we're a few short.


  1. does it have to be a boy? i'd love to see ac as baby from dirty dancing.

  2. to hilarious! well done! mission accomplished!