heya all you cat lovers!
miss kate funk stumbled upon an awesome website today, catsparella. it's all about kitties and super awesome! how have we not come upon this sooner? while scrolling through the pages she even came upon a photo of me in The Catsparella Guide to Cat Valentine's Day Cards! super duper awesome! go check them out!

The experts agree.

so miss kate funk got an email today from the awesome people at the experts agree. (which is a super awesome blog) to let her know that they included one of her cards in their most recent post: Etsy Schmetsy: Valentine's Day, Schmalentine's Day. go check it out!
she also found an amazing entry about an app she never heard of, The Kitty Caller, that looks 100% awesome. she's downloading it as i write this! hopefully it's as awesome as it looks - but for only 99¢ i'm sure it won't disappoint.


The Arts Mill Boutique

heya! sorry it's been so long since i wrote. miss kate has been super busy getting ready for her wedding that is coming up in a couple of weeks, so working with me has been the last thing on her mind. but she does has some exciting news: there is a new store opening up in Grafton, WI called The Arts Mill Boutique that will be carrying our greeting cards! Kate got a chance to go visit the space and said it was super awesome. It's located inside of the Historic Grafton Mill building. and all of the profits they make go towards the North Shore Academy of the Art's art, music, and performing arts programs! They aren't open just yet - we'll let you know when the grand opening is coming up. Until then you can find more info about them on the North Shore Academy of the Arts website.
later gators!


more new cards!

so miss kate funk finally had some free time and was able to make some new greeting cards with photos from the 2011 Calendar (which is now on sale for half off!). she just put them up on her etsy shop. there is February's AC and the Chocolate Factory, July's AC is Jaws, and November's AC Eastwood. she also came out with {The Big Screen} Boxed Set which includes all 3 of those new cards as well as two older cards from the calendar: AC is Rambo and AC is Godzilla.
go check it all out!

this saturday

heya. miss kate funk is going to be at the East Town Market again this weekend. here's all the info. go check it out!


oh boy cat toy!

so I finally got my Christmas present from miss kate today. (a little late, I know, but worth the wait). she got me the foot long whale from Oh Boy Cat Toy! I love it so much! it has a 1/4 pound of catnip inside - awesome. they have lots of other super rad toys, too. check it out.