photos from saint paul art crawl

1 - awesome sign for show labeling kate funk as a cat photographer.  that's right.  people like me better than her polaroids.  i told her to bring more cat stuff and less polaroid cards, but she didn't listen.  
2 and 3 - kate funk's table setup in the studio
4 - awesome painting by scott bergmann (who she shared the space with) that she owns
5 - milford.  the cat she hung out with instead of me while she was there.  jealous.
6 - awesome card by johnny and stacie that kate funk came  back with


St. Paul Art Crawl

hey peoples-
so kate funk will be participating in the Saint Paul Art Crawl this weekend (sadly i cannot come along.  i hate long car rides).  you should come check her stuff out at the Tilsner Artist Co-op in studio #110.  there will be lots of things for sale there that include lovely photos of myself.  
the poster shown here promoting the event was designed by Johnny of johnnyandstacie.  check out their stuff, too.  it rules.  they'll be there also in studio #410.  
later, yo.


vote for me!!!

kate funk was looking at her new martha stewart living magazine last night and noticed a party animal photo contest!  so of course i made her enter me in it.  go to martha stewart's website on the pets page and check out all the entries for the party animal contest (but don't forget to vote for me).
kate funk also showed me that martha's dogs francesca & sharkey have their own blog: The Daily Wag.  i'm not the only pet who blogs!  awesome.  check it out.


spring 2009 wholesale catalog finished!

hey everybody!
so the new kate funk wholesale catalog made by mister brennan groh is finally out, with myself as the star.  kate is currently working on printing real copies, but until then you can check them out at her website: www.katefunk.com on the information page.  
check it out.  later, yo.