heya everybody!
guess what? there's another store out there that will be carrying miss kate funk's cards! it's name is Inkling and it's in Chicago, Il. kate hasn't had a chance to visit it in person yet - but will hopefully be able to stop in while she's in Chicago for the Renegade Craft Fair. here's some photos from their facebook page. it looks pretty amazing. check them out, yo.


Movie #6 - Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

so we finally, FINALLY took the Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory photo this morning. it took way too long for miss kate to get her act together on this one. (although there were a lot of props and costume pieces to make for it). we don't really have any photos to show from the set, but here i am patiently waiting on the kitchen table for her to finish setting everything up before we shoot.
now onto the next. i'm not sure what she'll choose. What About Bob? maybe?


Madison Craftacular

so miss kate funk returned late last night from the Madison Craftacular with lots of awesome things to tell me about. i guess it turned out to be a great show - awesome weather (despite a lot of wind that made the tent a little scary), lots of awesome vendors, and even more awesome customers. mister jay went with her as her helper (and beautiful day to have a drink - drinking partner). here are the photos she brought to show me:

jay helping out in the booth

kate's brand new suitcases her super-amazing father made for her with built in shelves!

her brand new garden markers display
(which i got to eat all the leftover cat grass she used - delicious!)


kate's aha moment is here!

this weekend!

don't forgot to visit kate funk this Sunday at the 6th Annual Summer Craftacular in Madison, WI! she's in booth #59 which is on the outdoor lawn. hope to see you there!


tons o' new stuff up on etsy!

check it out, yo. miss kate funk just put up 3 new cards on her etsy site (2 of which are super special photos from the 2011 calendar that were too awesome to hide any longer).

and she also has a brand new boxed set that has all 3 new photos along with my mug shot and my college dorm room photo. it's called the {bad kitty} boxed set. check them out!