HUGE news!!!!

so have you ever seen the commercials on television for Mutual of Omaha's "aha moments"? well yesterday miss kate funk was contacted by the company producing those commercials and was asked to be filmed this friday to talk about her crafting bizness!!!! I guess they are traveling the country on a 25 city tour and are going to be in Milwaukee this Thursday and Friday. You can find more information about it here.
so naturally she asked me to come along with her - because let's face it - without me there really wouldn't be anything to talk about. i'm so pumped! i had to check out my closet right away to find something for me to wear. i'm bringing 3 options so they can choose which works best, but i'm hoping they let me wear my sailor outfit. it's my all time favorite.
anyways. once the video is out i'll let you all know. i guess they put them all online and then people vote on their favorites to see which ones get put onto TELEVISION!



heya everybody!
good news! we now have our stuff at a second Chicago location: Greer! while kate funk has yet to check them out in person - although she told me she's going to stop for sure while she's in town for the Renegade Craft Fair in September - their website looks super amazing. they carry a bunch of her favorite lines.
so if you are in the Chicago-land area make sure to check it out!
later gators.


clay mushrooms!!!

so miss kate funk has been running around like her head is cut off for the last few weeks, giving myself an awesome break once again. but to assure you there is more to come on our calendar she told me to put up these photos of her Charlie and the Chocolate Factory progress. it's been the most ridiculous set to make. who knew clay mushrooms took so much work? more to come...