Movie #3 - JAWS

sorry for the big break in any exciting news as of late. miss kate funk and jay were in Vegas all last week planning their wedding, so i got a big break in work (and some awesome play dates with miss Erin of Holy Matrimony! and Renegade Soiree).
so we finally got back to bizness this morning and set out to do our JAWS photoshoot we've had planned for sometime. kate kept telling me i got into a diva mood during the shoot, and that i didn't do so awesome. whatever. i still turned it out in the end, so she needs to stop complaining. here's some photos from during the shoot.
this is jay trying to explain to me how i needed to pose. note how attentive and awesomely i am listening. i don't see a diva here.
and this is me after the shoot and all the fighting looking like a super crabby pants.
anyways. onto the next: Rambo! miss kate funk is on her way now to Fleet Farm to buy me some bullets for my "bullet sash" (her words - not mine). that should be interesting.


  1. Oh. My. Blog. How cute are you! I love that little suit. Maybe I should get one for Rosie.

  2. LOVE the 2nd pic...you really have a super neat-o job and a pretty nice roommate in ms. funk! nice photo shoot, and tell ms. funk that i sense no mariah carrey or j-lo in any of these shots...no diva proof yet ;)

  3. EPIC. can't wait to see the winning shot...and we all have our crabby pants moments, AC, we all do...