no Cheshire Cat smiles policy

so last week miss kate funk did some video work for her soon-to-be-mother-in-law and received the brand new Alice in Wonderland DVD as a thank you. after watching it she decided that perhaps she should do a photo for the calendar of me dressed up as the Cheshire Cat (who, as anyone could guess was her favorite character from this film, as well as the cartoon original). but after my no moustache policy, she was a little nervous to try to put the Cheshire Cat smile on me. so we decided to test it out beforehand. as she suspected, i also have a no Cheshire Cat smile policy. Jay could barely even hold it up to my face without me freaking out. so sadly there shall be no photo, but at least you can check out this photo of our attempt.


  1. Your future mother in law sounds like a fantasic person. You are a very lucky to find such a great family.

  2. I don't have a future mother in law, silly. I'm a cat! Kate does, though, and I'll let her know you say so.