Renegade Recap

i just wanted to share some photos with you from miss kate funk's trip to the Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago this weekend.  apparently her and j had an awesome time - without me.
here's a photo of kate's booth:

"care for some cat cards?"

they also had a street barber right outside their booth, so mister j decided to take a break and get a haircut.

there wasn't a whole lot of free time for kate to shop around, sadly.  the crowds were non-stop and she told me she only got one tiny break for shopping, but never made it through the whole fair to check everything out.  but she did snag this awesome t-shirt from her booth neighbors, Urban Posture.  

and she picked up these awesome stickers for mister jay since he stayed home to watch me from Mis Nopales Art.  they strangely combine two of his favorite things: Star Wars and the Day of the Dead.  super awesome.  

now it's time to re-coop and finish up this calendar bizness.

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