i'm on facebook!

so in her amazing amount of boredom yesterday, miss kate funk made me my very own facebook page! i was a little upset, though, because it kept rejecting all of my names. I guess annoying customer, ac, and a.c. are not valid names according to facebook. and they refused to give me an account without a last name, so the only thing they would accept was Ac Cat. lame. and "the" isn't a valid middle name either.
so i don't have awesome enough computer skills to connect my facebook to my blog, but if you want to be my friend on there - just search for Ac Cat in Milwaukee, WI.
In other news miss kate funk has begun working this weekend on the sets and costumes for the 2011 edition of our calendar (which - by the way - is not going to be the same as the last 2 years). we are going with a whole new theme this year: famous movies! and so far all i've seen is lots of army men, tanks, and a purple suit kate is sewing for me. don't worry - i'll keep you all up to date with any new information.
later peoples!


  1. yay for a facebook page and looking forward to updates on the 2011 calendar!

  2. oh, I'd totally be your fan if I had a facebook still, AC...but these ideas for the new calendar are already killing me! I can't can't can't waaaait......

  3. Yay! New calendar ideas! I love! Can't wait to see them!

  4. It's now AC Facey, in case you can't find me.