greetings earthlings

kate funk and i did a photo shoot today of me in space! it was awesome. i think i make an excellent martian, don't you? and i discovered while kate wasn't paying attention that glitter glue stars taste delicious. she did eventually notice and make me stop licking them, though. jerk.
too bad kate's printer is in the shop being repaired. cause i can't wait for her to get this photo printed and out on some cards. it probably won't be ready in time for the Broadway Paper Holiday Open House, but it should be able to make it's debut at the Holiday Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago.
i also want to give an extra special thanks to kate's brother, scott, and his girlfriend, alex, for coming up with the idea for this photo. they rule.
later yo.


  1. OMG I literally just posted about how I want a tattoo of a kitty in a spaceship, since I just got my second cat tattoo Wednesday! it's like you guys are reading my miiiiiind!!! make sure to save me a copy of this card when you print it, b/c I want one! or two, or three...

  2. OMG. Love it. Love it so much I can't stand it! Can't wait to buy this card.

    Sooo excited!