best craft fair yet!

hey peoples!
so miss kate funk returned late sunday night from the Holiday Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago and told me all about the amazing-ness i missed. she shared her booth this year with the awesome mister brennan sylvester who brought along his new, amazing duct tape bags. watch for his etsy site which should be going up soon! you can see photos of them above as well as a photo of their booth. it looks so super cramped in there with so many great artists selling their things. kate came back with some cool greeting cards she bought which you can see above, too. they are made by (from left to right):
McBitterson's Happy Birthday Jesus card
Johnny Cash card by A Favorite Design
an awesome Snowman Christmas card by the Busy Beaver Button Co.
she also told me about how at every craft fair she goes to everyone likes to tell her the names of their cats that look exactly like me, and this time she heard the best one yet: Mr. Meowminson. finally another cat with an awesome, ridiculous name like myself!
lastly, sales were so amazing at the fair that she only has 5 of the 2010 World's Most Super-Amazing 100% Awesome Cat Calendar left! so if you want a copy - i'd hurry. all 5 are up on her etsy site. there are still some bad mistake calendars left, too. (the printers gave us a whole lot of badly assembled calendars. we won't be printing with them again next year). those will be up on etsy soon, too, for half price. but they aren't quite so amazing. more like 80% awesome.
later yo.

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