Renegade Craft Fair!!!!!!!

miss kate funk returned late last night from the Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago with lots of awesome news and gifts (mostly for her, though).  
clockwise from top left:
1 - awesome thank you card from cracked designs for her mom who was her booth helper at the fair
2 - delicious smelling soaps from oliba
3 - super cool necklace (which kate keeps taking away from me while i'm trying to eat it) from lusterbunny
4 - and the best of all, a new toy for me from kate funk's booth neighbor, purrfectplay!  it's my new favorite.

she also brought lots of compliments for me from all my fans.  i heard they were even asking for me to make a guest appearance!

the only bad news that kate funk did tell me about was that one customer (who is now the second) got upset with kate funk after she asked for my name and kate told her.  i guess "annoying customer" can cause some confusion and the lady walked away all huffy thinking she had been insulted and made kate funk feel awful.  when she got me as a kitten my modeling skills were yet to be discovered and my name wasn't such an issue.  but it seems to be causing problems now that i'm such a famous dude.  so kate and i have made an executive decision that as of today my name on anything outside of our home will now be ac rather than annoying customer to keep from anymore confusion and insulted customers.  i'm a little sad.


  1. you changed the name of yer blog... =[

  2. It's unfortunate that this had to be done, but I think you made the best choice for your business. But still. Boo.

  3. oh my god, I can't believe the lady was mad!!!