Father's Day card. Finally.

so miss kate funk and I finally finished the Father's Day Card and put it up on her etsy site today! despite her continual attempts to put her handmade moustache on me, it was a no-go. she seems a little upset about it, but whatever.
We don't have the color envelope from waste not that we wanted for it right now, so until we get an order of those we're using a different brand so we can still get the color we wanted. it's almost the same, just with a square instead of pointed flap. hopefully we'll get some soon, but this one works great for now.

kate will be bringing a bunch of them to the East Town Market on Saturday - so you can check them out there.
later peoples!


  1. i like the fishing outfit! you look so dapper in houndstooth.

  2. THESE are fantastic...and agreed, he looks very dapper...meant to say this awhile ago...if you're still polling for ideas for your next calendar, AC, I thought you would look pretty awesome as the Karate Kid...or have you already done that, and that's why I have that sweet image in my mind? I can't remember.

  3. oh, and I love your little baby son/daughter