kate funk fall 2009 wholesale catalog

check it out everybody!
kate funk's fall 2009 wholesale catalog is up on her website under the information page.  check it out.  there's lots of photos of me in it.  cause i rule.


#1 wins by a landslide!

between here on the blog and brennan's facebook voting it seems #1 has won by a landslide!  15 to 3.  thanks to everyone for voting.  #1 will be included in the 2010 World's Most Awesome Cat Calendar.  It should be coming out soon.  all the photos are taken and brennan is finishing up the design as we speak.  then it's just off to the printers.  hurrah!


we need your help!

so today we officially took the last photo for the 2010 world's most amazing 100% awesome cat calendar.  hurrah!  the only problem is we can't decide which one to use.  2 people (one of which is kate funk) voted for one of them and another 2 people (one of which is designer extraodinaire, brennan groh) voted for the other one.  as for me, i think i look fabulous no matter what.  so i'm no help in deciding.  
so we need your help.  please let us know which one you like better.  #1, where i look super cool with my shades or #2, where i am in my normal, but awesome, pissy pose.


new terrifying roomate

meet Beta 3.5.
he moved into our house yesterday.  not a fan.
i've taken a few quick, very cautious looks at him now.  (most of them while i hung to miss kate funk for dear life.)


man, i got so wasted last night....

I was down by the frat house chasing some tail...
just kidding.  i was trying to stay in character from the latest photo shoot with kate funk.  it's her new card for going back to school (the college edition).  it just went up on her etsy site, along with the more PG version of me going back to kittygarten.  
there's also some new halloween cards that went up, although that's not for awhile yet.  I can't wait.  it's my favorite holiday.  being a black cat and all.  
check them out.
later peoples.


renegade craft fair!

kate funk is going to be at the Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago this year! which means awesome photographs of myself will be there as well! It's on September 12 and 13 from 11am-7pm. you can get more info here. if you live in the Chicago area you should for sure come and check it out.