Finally....the Loch Ness Monster Shoot

It took Kate forever to make the Loch Ness Monster set and costume for me - 6 weeks to be exact.  While we don't have an actual photo to show you since I got it on the first try - we can show you the finished set.  It's the most expensive and elaborate one to date.
While it looks super crazy from the top:

it ends up looking super rad from the front:

And in case you can't figure it out - I end up sitting in the empty spot next to my humps.  Ok - onto the next.  Aliens, perhaps?  Or maybe King Kong?  Hmmmmmm...  Too many choices.


And Even More Loch Ness Monster Progress

The sky is finished!  We're all set to shoot.  Finally.


Even More Loch Ness Monster Progress

Kate finally finished up hand painting, cutting, and assembling the waves for my Loch Ness Monster set.  Now just to make the sky and we're finally set to shoot!


Loch Ness Monster Progres

Hello all!  Sorry it's been awhile.  Kate has been hard at work trying to make my Loch Ness Monster costume and set - which is apparently much more work than she anticipated.  Here are some photos of her work in progress.

(I'm not part of the work - but I am good at supervising.)