calendar photo number 5

heya! so we did another shoot today for the upcoming calendar. this time the musical genre was heavy metal. i wasn't super pumped about it seeing as the wig miss kate funk got for me was actually for a small child and way too big for me. she tried to alter it to fit me a bit better, but it didn't quite work out. but i still rocked it, nonetheless. i actually got the shot on the very first photo since i'm such a pro. check it.

we continued to shoot anyways - just in case. here's one kate really liked, but she said i was too slouchy (which i don't understand - tyra told me that's the way to do it) and you could see the floor sadly.

here's a photo showing how ridiculous the wig was the kate made me wear. it's bigger than i am!

anyways. onto the next. i think it's time to see how i fare as a hipster.
later dudes!


  1. HAHAHA..the little "hand" is just too much!! I love it!

    I know it's super early, but when do you usually finish the calendar? I'd love to do a feature about it on my site.

  2. thanks! we usually finish up the calendar at the end of summer/beginning of fall. I'm trying to get it done earlier this year, but we'll see. I can let you know, though, when I'm getting close. That would be awesome to have you do a feature on it!

  3. yay! just shoot me an email whenever you're ready: catsparella (at) gmail.com! i luv ac!