Kate and Jay's Tennessee Road Trip Adventures

hey ya'll!
sorry it's been forever since i've written. i've been on vacation for the last week at miss kate funk's parent's house in northern wisconsin. kate's mom just drove me home tonight and i got to hear all about kate and mister jay's amazing trip to Tennessee for Chatty Crafty.
they started out with the longest drive in the world across 6 states (although I guess they were only in Georgia for a few minutes before the highway looped back into Tennessee). out of the whole drive it sounds like they Louisville was their favorite stop. here are some photos of them at Doc Crow's - a super amazing restaurant with amazing food to match.

(kate enjoying her huge beer)

they eventually got to the show which took place in Chattanooga, TN. I hear it is the most beautiful city. they didn't have any photos of it to show me, but I guess Jay took some video that hopefully I'll get to see and share with you guys later. anyways, here are some photos from kate's booth.

everything went awesome with the show with the exception to some weather problems. about 2 hours before the show should have ended on the last day they were given a warning that a huge storm was on the way and they needed to evacuate immediately. luckily, their hotel was only a block away. Jay ran all of the important things to their room just in time and missed getting poured on. miss Kate wasn't so lucky. she stayed behind to take the tent and tables down. by the time jay returned her and everything with her was soaked.
here's a photo of her once they got back to the hotel room. (she wasn't very happy (also because jay neglected to tell her until they got in the room that her clothes had become see-through from the rain)).

anyways - so once the show was over they took their time on the way back making sure to stop at some roadside attractions. here are some of the photos they shared with me.

Rock City atop Lookout Mountain, GA

(it's hard to tell, but there is a rare white deer in the middle of all of those trees)

(jay on a super scary bridge)

Loveless Cafe in Nashville, TN

Dinosaur World in Cave City, KY

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  1. Every time I drive through there I want to go to Lookout Mountain! Sorry you guys got rained on. What a drag!