Constructor Recap

sorry it took so long for me to get back to you with news of Kate's visit to the Constructor Craft Fair in Berwyn, Il. miss kate has been super busy this week editing for her other job and wasn't in the mood for sharing the computer. lame.
anyways. so it sounds like kate had a super awesome time at the Constructor Fair (with the exception to the heat) and looks forward to hopefully attending again in the future. It was her first time going to a fair without a helper which made her super nervous. but her friend, Danni, from *innad* was super nice and had them put their booths near each other so they could help each other out if they needed breaks.
side note - she was also informed by some of her friends, Jennifer and Justin, who live in Berwyn that the movie Adventures in Babysitting had a scene filmed at the very bar the fair was at. AMAZING!
anyways. Here are some photos she took from her booth. she was outside under a super cool looking tent.

while she was there she also did a little bit of shopping/trading, too. (although she came back with nothing for me - not cool). here are some of the awesome finds she got:

a super-cool hot dog pin from mr. walters of nerfect

a much-needed checkbook cover from her booth neighbor, *innad*

and an awesome tiger onesie from Sheriff Peanut that she claims is for one of her friends' baby. but it seems to fit me just fine. i may hide this one from her and keep it for myself.

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