White Rabbit!

Hurrah!  We have our stuff at a new store: White Rabbit in Iowa City.  Grace Locke Ward, the owner of too bad mice (and my favorite piece of pizza) was kind enough to let Kate know about the store and that her stuff would be a good fit there.  We're so excited!  She has her first package all set to go and it should be on it's way today and hopefully up on the shelves soon.


squid costume progress

Despite Kate Funk's complete lack of sewing skillz, I'd say my squid costume is coming along quite nicely.  I only wish she had a cat dress form to use while she's doing this instead of making me try it on over and over.



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2013 Calendar Theme Contest Winner!

Hello and thank you to all of you who shared your ideas with us for our 2013 Calendar Theme Contest!  After much deliberation today we finally decided on a winner:
Kellybelly with the suggestion for Famous Monters
It was the first suggestion that was posted, and got stuck in Kate's head from the beginning.  Not to mention that two of Kate's favorite photos she's already taken of me are of famous monsters:
Jaws and Godzilla ...

so she's super excited to try and create more like this.  We have so many ideas already.
Stay tuned for photos as we start on this super exciting project and congrats again to Kellybelly!