Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Hey peoples!
So I woke up this morning to miss kate funk trying to show me an article on the Milwaukee Journal Sentinal Online. They did an article on Handmade Valentine's Day cards and talked about me and my awesome modeling skills! (Actually it was more about kate, but whatever). Check it out here.
They also talk about our friends over at Cracked Designs, who rule. Interesting, little tidbit of information: Kate Funk and Tara Scheuerman (of Cracked Designs) were classmates at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design and both graduated in 2005 with a BFA in Photography. Crazy coincidence, right?
Anyways - check it out online, or if you live in the Milwaukee area go out and get a real copy. I'm sending kate out soon to pick up one for me.
later gators!


  1. What a great article! Although, I would've liked to see a big ol' picture of you!

  2. I would say we're the coolest MIAD graduates....