Movie #2 - The Life Aquatic

hey peoples!
so we did photo shoot #2 today for the 2011 calendar. this time we decided to awesome it up by doing the amazing Life Aquatic by mister Wes Anderson. it's one of kate funk's favorite movies ever - mainly due to her obsession with Bill Murray, who i got to portray. (and a special thanks to mister Eric Wilcox for giving us the idea for this one).
There aren't many photos to show from this shoot since i did an awesome job and got the photo almost on the first shot. but here's a close-up photo of me on the set with my sweet Life Aquatic costume that miss kate funk made for me. her sewing skills have improved slightly since her Willy Wonka coat disaster.
later gators...


  1. oooooohhoho...this is amazing...I really can't wait to see the final product

  2. Holy crap, that is the most awesome thing I've ever seen. I love that movie so much!

  3. Ummm, I'm loving this so hard right now!