movie #11 - National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

so today we shot the National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation photo for the month of December in the upcoming calendar. miss kate funk was really excited since this is her all-time favorite christmas movie. i got to play the awesome Randy Quaid, sans a glass of whiskey - which we discovered from the last shoot that i am not a big fan of. we actually got a shot right away since my modeling skills are constantly improving. so there's not much to show from the shoot. here i am before the shoot. i was waiting for miss kate to leave because i really wanted to eat the trees on the set, but she kept guard over them the whole time. super lame.

so we've only got one photo to go. and it's the one i've been dreading since i'm not a huge fan of cross-dressing. there are sure to be lots of good photos from that one, though, since every time kate and jay try on my costume they can't stop laughing at me. ugh.

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