renegade recap

so miss kate funk and mr. brennan returned this last sunday from the renegade craft fair in chicago with lots of awesome-ness to share with me. i hear it was the best so far for sales and everyone loved the new photos of me from the upcoming calendar. the strange part is that they left with a car packed to the ceiling with things and the one thing they both forgot was a camera, so there was little to show me from the actual fair. kate did snap this one photo from her phone of the awesome show put on by mucca pazza. they made a stop right in front of her tent. she couldn't get out any further to see them with the crowds - but i hear it ruled.

she did come back with a bunch of awesome purchases (although nothing for me for once. lame. last year she was next to a cat toy booth, but they weren't there this year.)
here's some of what she got:

an amazing shirt by fuzzy ink

more awesome coasters from her friends at the found

and some awesome cards by dude and chick

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  1. did jay pose for the "rugged and manly" card...i swear that's what he looks like...haha...glad you had a good time!