miss kate funk got married!

sorry i haven't written in so long. things have been a bit hectic around here. and as of this last Sunday, miss kate funk and mister jay finally tied the knot! i didn't get to go along to Las Vegas to celebrate, sadly, but kate did bring me back this super fancy hat from her bachelorette party courtesy of miss allison and miss erin. it fits me perfectly. (you can see how pumped i am about it in the photo.) we still have a million more photos and videos coming. and kate even took her super 8 camera along with her to the Neon Museum. i can't wait to see the footage! i'll have to show you everything once it's ready.
ok - super long break is over. time to start shooting some photos.


  1. AC, you look quite fetching in that hat. It fits perfectly! Please pass on my congrats to Kate. Her dress was gorgeous!

  2. AC, you are quite the rhinestone cowboy! I love the Neon Museum pics, you guys all look awesome!

  3. hmmm...now that they're married, does this mean you'll be getting any siblings (feline or otherwise...) in the future? that may add some more complications to the photo shoots...perhaps you have the "only-cat" syndrome (similar to only child, but way more sassy) :)

    and ms. funk...you were a beautiful bride!