a Thank You from Kate

Hello all!
So for just this one time I'm stealing AC's blog and taking the chance to thank all of the vendors and Etsy shops who helped out with our recent wedding.
Things started out really rocky with our wedding planning. I was having my wedding dress custom made for me by Bridal Bliss Design on Etsy. That ended in a huge disaster with me unable to leave negative Etsy feedback to warn others. It's a ridiculously long story, but if any brides are thinking of using her and want the inside scoop please feel free to email me about it.
My dress was eventually saved and re-designed with the help of local designer, Melissa Ebel, and tailored to fit me perfectly by the amazing Diane of P'dia, a local shop here in Milwaukee.
After that I was a bit leary about planning our wedding with the help of Etsy stores, but decided to move forward and not judge any others on my one bad experience.
We ended up using Cyberoptix Tie Lab for all of the guy's ties, which I loved. Bethany, the owner, was so great to work with. We just picked the colors out and let everyone choose the designs they wanted.

Jay also got his cufflinks from the Etsy shop Cosmic Firefly.

My hair clip was from the Etsy Shop Design by Night and my handbag (which I can't find in any photos, sadly) was from Katsuro Vintage Attire.

And we got these great mustaches for our photo booth from Whisker Works. People loved them so much that we left that night with some missing.

But my favorite Etsy purchase was for our wedding "flowers". We bought everything from Succulents Galore, and they shipped it all out to our hotel where the amesome Alex from Thistle Floral put everything together to make these beautiful cacti centerpieces for our Reception and the most amazing bridal bouquet I've ever seen.

As for all the design work for our wedding, we had help from two great graphic designers. Mister Brennan Groh (who is my partner on making AC's cat calendar every year) made our invitations, which I love.

Miss Allison Beilke helped us out, too, by making our wedding programs (which I love how un-traditional she went with them) and these amazing maps that we put into all of our guests' welcome gifts to help them get around.

We also had tons of help from Erin of Goldiluxe, Joe Gorges and Scott Bergmann who both jumped in to take photographs for us when our photographer dropped out on us, and Michael of 811 Productions who took video for us (which is yet to come).
Thank you so much to everyone who helped out and made our wedding beautiful!

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