presents for Rosie, Roxie, and Mabel!

so after miss kate funk bought me a catnip plant awhile back, i decided my fellow Milwaukee cat friends needed to have some, too! so i had miss kate funk go pick up a couple of plants and re-pot them nicely for me. (i'm only good at pulling plants out of pots - not putting them in.)
it also gave kate a chance to try out something she's been wanting to do: making spoon herb markers! she's shown me a bunch on etsy she loves, but never had any extra money to spend on them - especially since her garden is so huge that she'd need a million of them. after reading an awesome blog entry by her friend Jessica of Window Ledge Arts she headed out to some thrift stores to find some cool spoons. the findings were a little slim, but she's still on the lookout for more. these were only her first attempt - so no judging - but i still think they're pretty cool. i hope Rosie, Roxie, and Mabel like them! (and if you're reading this, Erin and Allison, don't let them in on the surprise.)


The Dandy Lion

hey there peoples!
so miss kate just sent off her first shipment today to a brand new store in New Albany, Indiana called The Dandy Lion! they aren't open just yet (and their website doesn't seem to be up and running yet, either) but you can find some information about them on their blog. It sounds like they're opening at the end of July with plans to not just sell awesome wares, but also function as a mini music venue at night and a non-profit children's art studio by day.
check it out!


Renegade Craft Fair Chicago!!! 2010 Version.

so miss kate funk found out that she will be heading off to the Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago again this year! it's on September 11th and 12th from 11am - 7pm. this year mister brennan groh and miss kate funk will be heading out together for lots o' fun and hopefully be bringing along their new 2011 world's most super amazing 100% awesome cat calendar with them (that's the goal at least - we'll see if they can finish it up in time).
if you live in the Chicago area make sure you check it out! it sounds pretty awesome!


Sixth Annual Summer Craftacular!

so miss kate funk just found out today that she'll be participating in the Sixth Annual Summer Craftacular! It'll be on Sunday, August 15th from 10 - 5 at The East Side Club in Madison, WI. if you live in the area make sure to stop by and check it out! I hear there will be a Tiki Bar. Jealous.


no Cheshire Cat smiles policy

so last week miss kate funk did some video work for her soon-to-be-mother-in-law and received the brand new Alice in Wonderland DVD as a thank you. after watching it she decided that perhaps she should do a photo for the calendar of me dressed up as the Cheshire Cat (who, as anyone could guess was her favorite character from this film, as well as the cartoon original). but after my no moustache policy, she was a little nervous to try to put the Cheshire Cat smile on me. so we decided to test it out beforehand. as she suspected, i also have a no Cheshire Cat smile policy. Jay could barely even hold it up to my face without me freaking out. so sadly there shall be no photo, but at least you can check out this photo of our attempt.



hello peoples!
sorry for the big lapse in blogging. as many of you may know, miss kate funk is a very busy lady. besides the work she does with me she has her own video production company, assists and helps out at another video company, and has picked up a summer job working at a local garden shop. on top of all of that she also got a very nasty ear infection these last few weeks. while that sucks for her it gave me a huge vacation from any of our work together. i barely saw her other than sleeping time. as an apology she brought me home an amazing, delicious catnip plant from work! i've never had real catnip - only the store bought dried kind. it's pretty awesome. so awesome i just wanna rub my face all over it. here's some photos she took of me enjoying it.

so now it's time to get back at it. we've been slacking on our calendar photos. here i come chocolate factory.